Monday, April 30, 2007

The Freaks come out at night…April 30, 2007 - Current Mood - winky

In the past couple weeks I found myself at Emily’s art opening at Transmissions Gallery, where the pieces were dark, whimsical, and charming, and the band, Continental, was skillfully jamming away. That night I wore my red leather Thriller jacket and hoochie red leather pumps with 90’s bling buckles, so my attention span was not happening cause my Michael Jackson dance moves in inappropriate places were,..,..Went to the Mallard for a sec after, then ended up at the LW for last call….Liz and I decided to get lunch at the flea market Sunday, which for me consisted of a pork tamale, a lengua taco, and two scoops of Mexican ice cream in a waffle cone. Ran walked Denise’s two very hyper, Beagles, and got a house tour, and finally got to bear witness to the Robles’ “million dollar” bathroom. Ended up at the Hush Hush the other night night with Dee, Sara, Jason, Ida, and Kelly, which was kinda like bizarro night there. First, I walked in on a group of unfriendly fortysomethings doing coke in the bathroom cause they didn’t bother to lock the door. Then these same people were celebrating a birthday with full on, bare buttocks on the bar, birthday was a bit of a disturbing sight - total birth control!!

On my mind this week:

1. Coincidences are weird and sorta funny....and so many lately that it’s kinda spooky...

2. There was no Michelle and Liz booties at this month’s Bootybassment, so come May there will be some double, triple, quadruple, quintuple, sextuple trouble on the Knockout’s dancefloor that’s for sure!!!

3. For someone who is quite cryptic, I take what people say very literally because I am extremely gullible.

4. Despite yesterday’s snack with Dee and Joey, I’m still having my Wienerschnitzel attack!!

5. I forgot Beyonce had a last name...Dee thought this was funny...

6. Theresa and Liz, you ladies are throwing off my schedule!! See what happens when
I miss you guys!!

7. Opening sequence to The Hunger

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Hats are so hot right now...

8....umm I actually own a couple versions of this outfit....

I found it, and it’s more fabulous than I had even imagined! Thanks Joey!! ;)

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