Thursday, December 4, 2008

President Gas......Mood: Vigilant

It was an amazing forty-eight hours as the world awaited the naming of the next U.S. president. For someone politically jaded like myself, there was a stir of emotion equivalent to the discovery of a promising new technology; part fascination, part naivetĂ©, and wholly imbued with an infectious joy towards an uncertain, and of course, a much anticipated, brighter future. Like the rest of the world, I am curious to see how the Obama/Biden/Clinton Administration will set out to improve the country’s failing economy, and reestablish effective government leadership.

Speaking of the former, the economy’s downturn also caught up with me in October as I was laid off from Time Inc. Publishing, advertising, marketing and all relevant industries have been hit hard, this article was recently published about layoffs at Time Inc. and Conde Nast. Getting laid off was a surprise, but ended up to be one that wasn’t so devastating. Hell, life takes its twists and turns, so naturally there will be more opportunities in the making. At least now I can have more time to write and plan out my next career move, hang out during the day with my freelancer friends, and run my errands during the week. It’s not so bad. The best part though, is I can stay up late without feeling like Tyler Durden the next day. Hallelujah.

October was also a hectic, but socially abundant month, half of which was spent coming down from the New York Fashion Week trip. Lindsey’s house warming party was a delight, and Anna’s ice skating birthday party was great fun, except this Michelle Kwan did not hit the ice, and instead hit the dancefloor at Bootybassment with Liz and Reina, and then hit up Jeremy’s 50% off sale with Liz and Pauline a few days later. The Ladies Lotto meeting at Ver Unica was fabulous, since the guest speakers were Liz and Gabriella, and the main topic of conversation was their foray into M.I.S.S., and most enjoyable was being able to spend time with some of the other M.I.S.S. ladies, since it’s such a rarity. Oh my god, and the preview of the YSL exhibition at the de Young was incredible. I was extremely excited to do the M.I.S.S. write up for it, since Yves Saint Laurent has always been my favorite designer, and I was able to see his partner, Pierre Berge (who was wearing an Obama pin) speak, which was superbly impressive as well.

November was interesting and quite social as well. Started with PST’s election celebration party at 330 Ritch with Reina, which was way totally off the hook. Saw the Official Tourist DJs at Pink with Liz, and was absolutely shocked but of course happy to run into Joe and Jason at the LW, since I hadn’t seen either of them for like two years. Hanging out with Theresa was also great fun, since her visits from Hawaii are so few and far between. Computer Rock at Laszlo’s to see Liz (who rocked the freestyle jams that night), Ryan, and Dylan DJ was a blast, especially since I got to see my homies, Errico and Pauline too. Hung out with Scott at Zeitgeist and then we saw Emo Philips at the Punchline. Sheng Wang opened for him, and it was a bit uncanny, since he totally reminds me of Errico, but in Asian form.

The Hamsters
Thanksgiving included the perfect spead of Thanksgiving-ish treats Kwan style (turkeys, sides, ham, prime rib, taro shrimp - we call them “Hamsters” cause that’s what they kinda look like, chili, lamb stew, lumpias, spaghettti/meatballs, tamales, fresh crab salad, coffee cruch cake, flan etc.) My contribution this year was a sweet potato pie – completely from scratch, and super loaded deviled eggs (topped with bacon, scallions, and dill).

I’ve also been able to catch up on my list of TO SEE movies, and have gotten some reading done as well (and no, I am not a part of the Twilight cult like some others I know). I haven’t felt this wonderfully relaxed in a very long time. It’s a pretty awesome karmic package that I am so thankful for, and I’m really looking forward to more holiday visitors, including: Kira, Christle, Christine and Sergio, and their newborn, Isabella, and to the rest of the holiday season. Cheers to good food, friends, and family. There ain’t nothing better than that…well, a little YSL Y-mail clutch under the tree would be nice too! ;)

On my mind this week:

1. I found my favorite hot sauce of all time, and let me tell you, it’s been like the quest for the mf-ing holy grail. It all started back in 2003 when I discovered it in the lunchroom fridge while I was working at Enterprise Corporate. Then a few weeks ago, I was in Smart and Final, and lo and behold, there it was, and only a dollar! Florescent green and hot as hell. It’s sooooo good. I’ve been putting it on everything!!

2. The Tuesday PST (Pacific Standard Time) party at 330 Ritch is so much fun! For anybody who loves to dance to good hip hop music spun by great longtime Bay Area DJs like Sake1, (not obnoxious DJs spinning bad medleys flocked by suburbanite chicks wearing barely any clothes and too much makeup), and sans the meat market and hipsters, this is the place.

3. So before I was told by the specialists that my right breast is filled with fibro-cystic tissue and not cancer, I’m lying down on the examination table in my hospital gown, when the doctor says, “nice boots”, while she is examining my boobs (these Kitson Ugg boots embroidered with “LA” really big on them and studded with Swarovski crystals - the ones Hyphy Wifey Liz hates). The Freudian slip happened only in my head thank god, causing my jaw to drop for just a millisecond.


This was so rad. At the last Computer Rock at Laszlo’s, Dylan hooked up a Nintendo to the projector, so Super Mario Brothers 1 was like super ginormous Mario brothers. And oh my god, I can’t believe how great Liz’s memory is, can you say Warp Zone!!! Crazy…

5. I’m selling my organic cotton heated muscle packs/eye pillows and a small selection of vintage on Etsy. Here is the link to my Etsy Store, FLESHandBLOOD, if you want to check it out!!!

6. Aw ma gawd, the latest Mama collection, “Mi Vida Loca” is so fabulously badass. I’m hella esta loca loving it!
Check it out:


So we find life imitating art…and to Skinny Puppy too, nonetheless. Ahhhh Metropolis.


This Yelle video is sooooooooo cute, and too funny! ;)


But this, THIS is the funniest shit I’ve seen in a long time…sigh, what the hell happened to teen movies?!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

October 12, 2008 - Over the Rainbow…Mood: Focused

I thought life after thirty would change considerably, and boy was I right. However, it wasn’t quite like the way I had envisioned. I thought I would have all this time to clean, sort, and organize, maybe write a novel, grow vegetables, and at least get all my dry cleaning done. Instead, the opportunity to go to New York for Spring 09 Fashion Week presented itself, so of course I had to go. Although before I left, I did manage to organize my three closets, shifting shoes piled in the kitchen to photographed marked boxes, and to these great ones Ikea has right now for $10 for a pack of 4.

Also prior to leaving, I hung out with Jesse at the SOMA Magazine’s G Star Store party for the launch of Men’s Underwear line, where I had been expecting models to be modeling underwear, but only were presented with fully clothed ones…Cash Gift’s birthday bash was great fun too, and those El Presidentes…well that was quite a night…Lee, Dee, and I had a Zuni CafĂ© date, which was a very fine time of catching up over their delicious One Hour Chicken, and Sophie’s birthday dinner at The Front Porch was so much fun (after getting the plans confused, I showed up two weeks early), but when I made it on the right night, I discovered the place is crazy cozy, like if Beauty Bar was a restaurant/Cuban social club - and their Spicy Crab Grits and Fried Chicken are culinary feats of rustic perfection. We went to the Attic after, and their blonde DJ that night played such a good set of the saddest New Wave songs ever, that I was transported right back to my teens...Then I had gone to Vegas where I took bubble baths, drank poolside at the Wynn, went to bed early, watched cable TV, gambled a bit, and went snackless; eating 3 excessively large meals a day.

A week later, I was in New York for Fashion Week with Liz and Gabriella. Liz and I took the red eye out of Oakland to JFK, and once our feet hit the ground, the madness started, lasting 11 days.

It was an insanely busy trip, but also a fabulously fun trip, with a large portion of it documented on the misscrew blog, (see the the LINKS below).

Highlights of the trip included: The New York Fashion Week opening party at Saks, chronicled on, where 19 designers made 19 pairs of their interpretations of Dorothy’s ruby slippers using Swarovski crystals. I saw Betsey Johnson there, and leggy Lizzy was our paparazzi photographer, since Gabriella and I are such shortaaays. Gap/Colette pop up store opening was intense. Gabriella is so hardcore, 2 ½ hours she waited, I came around hour 2, and left with the most impressive Gap items I’ve ever purchased. We have her to thank too, as she scored Liz and I the coveted secret fashion week YSL totes.

The Oak Bond Age Party at the Eagle was a surprise, funny cause had I realized it really was a bondage party, my outfit might have been a little different.

The NYEuro techno rave at the WAD Magazine Party at Hiro was so much fun...and with Gabriella dancing in heels too! I can still hear Salt n’ Pepa…

Saw Uffie at the MISSHAPES/MISSBEHAVE Magazine party, where Radio Rose spun a pretty amazing set, and since Dov gave the Heartschallenger Truck a jump, we all got free candy! Checking out the MOMA’s Dali exhibit, the gothic exhibit at FIT, and Koons’ latest installation at the Met was totally amazing and inspiring, but eating hot dogs and shootin the shit in Central Park with my homegirl Kira, eating 2am tapas at Carrera and with Liz and Lex, eating street cart falafels at four in the morning with Gabriella and Dov, and eating a steak at the Algonquin after getting lost, these were the best!

Coming back to California was much anticipated, for as wonderful as New York is in terms of shopping and its social aspect, I'm not quite the type who does well living out of a suitcase, or with humidity. When East Bay life resumed, celebrated with a Juanita’s homie jam session with Liz, Danny, and Errico, which was just like old times, full of giggles, cackles, and cracks. Had sushi with Cash Gift and then went to Kitty’s for Dee’s b-day with Trang, Julia, and Edwin, which involved shots on a Monday night and some extra hyphyness...It’s so nice to be home, back to tepid Bay Area weather, real Mexican food, and my own bed, and of course, the Babette.

On my mind this week:

1) Did anyone else notice, New Yorkers have an extreme fondness for black cars, and it goes way beyond car, government, or secret service vehicles.

2) The tents at Bryant Park were crazy, now I understand why they have an open bar.

3) The line at the Whole Foods in NY’s Union Square is CRAZY!! A man walks around the store with a sign indicating where the end of the line is, wtf?!! And the lines are color coded corresponding to a monitor that hangs from the ceiling, which then indicates when it’s your turn, by a dropping dot. I felt like I was at a cattle ranch, and naturally I got confused. I mistakenly took someone else's turn, and screwed up the flow and timing of the lines, and at that point, how could I look back at a crowd of irritated New Yorkers?!! Can you believe all that just for 10 pieces of brown rice sushi! Oh hell no.

4) Being in New York on 9/11 was strange. It was a silent day, no one spoke about the Twin Towers, but spotlights beamed up to illuminate the New York sky with the phantom edifices. It was beautiful, alien, and all together chilling.


Me, Dee, and Lee had a Bullets Over Broadway date at the Castro Theater the other night…so hilarious! Oh when Woody Allen still had it in him…Pause!!!
“I never play frumps or virgins!!” heheehehee...

6) Sonogram and mammogram say breast lumps are non-cancerous, but the needle biopsy, which I am scheduled for within the next couple weeks, will be a better confirmation.

7) Me, and my wifey Liz, went to hang out with Jessica at the Agent Provocateur store party the other night. Champagne, lingerie, and macaroons; so overstimulating and fantastically french, always want everything in the place, but really, I think I'm gonna die if I don't get these soon. Sigh, we're so lucky she takes such good care of her ladies. :)


Kinda reminds me of our current ridiculous state of affairs...did I hear someone say "mavericky"?!!


Too bad mine is on vacation....

Saturday, August 2, 2008

August 2, 2008......Hot Mess – Mood: Raw

With real summer weather lacking, July’s summer fun had taken the form of a month long birthday party for yours truly. This year I turned thirty, so of course there was no other option than to celebrate this momentous occasion. July, I decided was gonna be the month to do it up, and to do it up proper; a final farewell to my twenties, which has been a decade of enduring challenges, valuable lessons, and enriching relationships.

Oh the parties.…..there was Reina’s birthday party with DJ Zita at Vessel. There was the Best of the East Bay Express party at the Oakland Museum with me, Liz, and Ryan, which was utter over the top over stimulating fun and included performances by Hottub, a breakdance competition, booths of every festival thing imaginable, and mysterious metaphysical elixir testing. There was the Hottub Addias store party and insanely fun impromptu jam session afterparty at Jen’s. Spent Bastille Day at Death Guild and hula hooped at Annie’s Social a week later. The Illiteracy It’s Pop It’s Art art show with the Miss Crew ladies, Gabriella, Liz, and Alex at the Gray Walls Gallery was good lady-bonding fun, followed by some outrageous behavior and hysterical dancing at July’s Bootybassment.

The CB2 Store opening party with Dan, Dee, Teddy, Adrian, Alex, Vince, Wheeler, and Arthur David was a really chill and happy event, felt like we were kickin’ it in someone’s very well lit living room.

Finally, there was my work event at the W. All the festivities have left me feeling good, but a little tired, and have been somewhat stressed, since I found out I have two cysts in one of my breasts, hopefully and probably non-cancerous, but won’t know more until I have the mammogram and sonogram next week. Interesting enough though, Dan F. is doing research on the aging process with worms and says in his lab findings; the microorganisms actually live longer when subjected to stressful environments cause their survival skills are forced into protective action. This theory is interesting, maybe with all the stress I will live to see 3 more dirtaaaay thirtaaaaay birthday parties!

On my mind this week:

1. Just got the memo: The amber colored wall art in Out the Door SF is actually panes of glass filled with honey. Who would have known…hmmm, I wonder if they ever get ants...

2. God is sushi. The Ritsu Roll at Blowfish Sushi TDF

Paula took me to Blowfish Sushi To Die For, and their Ritsu Roll was indeed TDF as was their oyster shooter in sake, and Peach Nympho Nigori sake cocktail. For dessert, we headed to Citizen Cake where we munched on a variety of sweet confections, my favorite of the bunch was the molasses ginger cookie, since I tend to have a Japanese palate (not partial to super sugary tastes).

3. My mom used to always say in the nineties, “Nirvana is playing, why don’t you go see them.”

I feel slightly nauseous when I watch this, only because this performance is so amazing, and I know I’ll never be able to experience what no longer exists.
Sigh, if only I had listened to my mother.

3. Um, these ladies rap in Tagalog, wtf can beat that?!!!

Hottub at the best of the East Bay Express party was off the hook, but even more of the hook was their show at the Adidas store party, Liz has that footage...

4. This reminds me, I’ll be in Vegas in just a couple weeks.


hehehehehe….I would like to eat these for breakfast tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after, and the day after that, just like I did the day before…


Not quite this pastel, but epic nevertheless. Thanks again to all my homies, Hottub and PJ Pooterhoots, and the Uptown for making my birthday party at Le Heat so damn awesome last week. I’m very happy to have made it to thirty, and feel so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family and multiple birthday luncheons, parties, and dinners. :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sex and the City....June 25, 2008 - Mood: Smoky

Over the past two months, my feet have tolerated the worst of vanity pains as my stiletto collection got reacquainted with the outside world. And this dizzying time in heels was spent doing the following activities: Dance – Bootybassment with the BB Crew, Deathguild and Type O Negative show with Colin; Birthdays – Gemma & Gia, Brandan, Aimee, Danny; Miscellaneous – O’Reilly’s Oyster Festival with Wes, Steve, Adrian and friends, All Night Mission Jazz Rave with Elizabeth, Derek, and the Frenchies, Laney flea excursions, Computer Rock, Ruben performing with Gamelan Sekar Jaya at Yerba Buena Gardens, and Faith and Kevin’s wedding. Joey’s birthday party at Heinold’s First and Last Chance in Jack London (the really really old bar with the slanted floor) was an uber fantastic day of a birthday bonding in custom made “Nards and Bewbs” pics of Joey t-shirts for the party. It included a group cheeseburger attack satiated by ¼ lb. Burger Express on San Pablo, me having to regulate once again on some fools….well that is, one geriatric fool in a very inappropriate booty shorts jogging suit trying to steal the ice cream cone birthday cupcakes, then attribute his greed for taking two of the dwindling cupcakes to a retarded girl. Cupcake nazi perhaps, but then again I am Rodney’s daughter.

I randomly saw the Olympic Torch, which is particularly strange cause I don’t do sports and would never even stop to think about Olympian sports, but that day before I went into work, I just somehow knew I would see it. Jesse and I were standing on a corner of Van Ness talking when I turned and there it was. And I’ve eaten some very decadent meals in the past two months as well. Visits to Waterbar, Two, Townhall, Paxti’s, Mocca, and then ate 2 delicious lobster sandwiches; a lobster roll at North Beach Lobster Shack and a lobster club at the Rotunda. Yes, the past couple months have been so full of decadent delights…which are of course my absolute favorite.

On my mind this week:

1. The strangest thing happened to me the other day, but then again, I’m really never surprised by what happens to me. So while walking out of the bus terminal, and minding my own business of course, a homeless man lifted his leg and slowly nudged/kicked me with his foot. Stunned and speechless, I went about my commute.

2. Errico, the club is just not the same without you.

3. Sex and the City. You must go see the new Sex and the City movie if you haven’t done so already. The script is consistently funny, the story line is predictable, but capturing, and Patricia Field’s styling skills are stronger than ever.

4. Sex and fiction are most inspirational.

5. Sexless genius is irreplaceable. R.I.P YSL. Yves Saint Laurent, my favorite fashion designer of all time, died at the beginning of the month in Paris. The world of fashion has suffered a terrible artistic loss. Yves Saint Laurent, master of the modern cut, keeper of class. We are only so lucky to have his legacy.

6. “Don’t touch them, they’re Chanel.”
He,he,he, funny, Miss M.Editrix has said that one a few times...

7. And what is fashion without sex and what is sex without fashion?
8. But sexual tension and fashion is the best.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Comfort Food...March 13, 2008 - Mood: Antsy

(She's my favorite R. Crumb character)

February was super low key socially, and all about self help...I helped myself to
some new Chanel glasses, a Marc Jacobs bag, a 1920’s celluloid hair comb with blue crystals I picked up at the White Elephant sale, and some tops for spring here and there. Also helped myself to a couple massages, which did wonders for my back, neck, and shoulders. March so far has been absolutely insane, but really fun, and somehow I have the flu again. So before getting sick, went to the Stork Club with Dee and Anna to see the Belles du Jour burlesque troop and the Gomorran Social Aid, and Pleasure Club show, and oh my god, it was such a good time, guess sometimes you just can’t really beat brass and burlesque, ya know. At the LW caught the Up and Down and caught up with my lovely lady friend Tee, who is moving to Hawaii at the end of the month. I’m sad to see her go, but am happy for her new adventure. Speaking of which, I’m quite overdue for one of those myself.

On my mind this week:

1. Tee I will miss you! And thank god, we are in the same network. I just got some new sunglasses, so I can come visit you on the island and not get blinded by that insane Hawaiian sun, and I’m counting on you to find all the good island eats….

he, he, he….Us on the beach in Hawaii, will be like this, sorta like us in the bars here….he, he, he…;)

2. Vitamin B-12 in liquid form is so amazing. Put it under your tongue for 30 seconds, then swallow. (kinda makes me feel like a teenager again) I highly recommend for anybody who is stressed or whose nervous system may be strained.

3. Yikes, the dirty thirty is coming up in a few months, and I have no idea what to do this year for my b-day…

4. I swear to god, I think I saw R. Crumb two weeks ago. It was a Thursday evening around 7:00 pm, and I had just gotten out of a massage…. So I was on the bus on my way home, when at Post and Montgomery a man caught my eye. In a sea of generic business suits and neo San Franciscan work attire, I saw this older gentleman with a rather large, but well groomed moustache wearing a boater and glasses, and a light colored suit. He definitely looked out of place, but it didn’t seem to faze him.
I was awestruck because the peculiarity of this person and of the moment, it was all so intense, and all together 100% voyeuristic; so selfishly stolen. It maybe lasted for 3 seconds, but it felt like slow motion. Then the thought struck me very randomly, two weeks later: That’s R. Crumb. I mean, after all he was a San Franciscan for many
many years…

Funny how most people think he’s a total dirt bag, and he very well may be. I think it’s fascinating and somewhat endearing how his sense of blatant honesty is so childlike in its defensiveness...It’s interesting. Sorta reminds me of Dov Charney.


I found this the other day...I love it! My favorite Suede song of all time..."I’m never alone now cause I’m with her and her and her and nobody knows..." :)

speaking of Marilyn, Dee and I love what's about to happen next....


I’m certainly not as moody as Pee Wee when I’m sick…Sick time for me is the only time I have NO appetite, use IM, am quiet, am somewhat docile, and watch DVDs…I can’t wait for my health to improve, life is so boring when you can’t taste or smell it!!

Funny how being sick elicits a regression of the palate…
Comfort foods this week included: Lots of instant noodles (asian kind), Corned beef sandwiches on rye with kraut, pickles, island dressing, mustards and cheese (my grandma used to send loads of these home for us, and I kept seeing pictures of corned beef sandwiches since St. Patty’s day is Monday), cravings for Ramiro and Son’s bean and cheese burritos (Liz and I have been very upset cause they have been closed for a week for repairs), and of course pizza.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Are you there God, it’s me Miss Michelle…February 15, 2008 – Mood: Writer's Guilt.

2008 started out with a bang!! Brought in the new year at Bootybassment at Casanova with Errico, Julia, and their crews. Was a super fun party, definitely got my dance on hard enough for the next month or so. Then me, Dee and Christle had a good time running around Telegraph…felt like teenagers again, especially when I bought this lion hat at the Hat Store, inspired by Christle who bought a kitty cat version. Japanese New Year was filled with a great deal of family bonding and cooking, and catching up at La Pin with me, Dee, Liz, Danny, and Errico, was a hoot. The fun came to an abrupt stop as the January rainstorms catalyzed a most horrific flu, as one afternoon I spent four hours working in sopping wet clothes. However, just hours before getting sick, I enjoyed a superbly delicious chacuterie plate at Spruce with work, and enjoyed Anna’s Moving/Lars’ Welcoming party, which was cheery mingly fun.

Between coughing attacks and foggy brain activity due to being overmedicated with cold medicines, made it out to the Tiki Bar to celebrate Tee’s birthday, and made it out to LA to visit my dear friends, Christine and Sergio in their new North Highland Park house. LA was fun of course, but low key, and a bit challenging considering we were all sick. We did make it out to see the Murakami exhibit at the MOCA, which was on the level of mind blowing incredible. To see his artwork in person and to be able to appreciate the scale, and immense detail, and the genius colorization of his pieces was absolutely awe inspiring. My favorites being, the Reversed Double Helix sculpture and a study on his work process pieced together with scotch tape, swatched with color chips. Tried Pink Berry frozen yoghurt which made me violently ill and then vomit. So it was definitely a trip of artistic highs and health related lows. This past weekend, finally made it out to the LW with Dee and Gerald, and then Sophie cooked an amazing dinner of chili with a subtle, yet strong heat, a green salad with persimmons, and pistachio rice pudding infused with rosewater. I’m totally my happiest when eating, and I’m so lucky to have such good friends to share their foodie love!!


And lunch food seems to be this week’s theme. Dee and I had Petite Robert the other day (best French onion soup ever!) and Jesse came with me to a tasting for work at Ducca today (ambiance and service great! Food, okay).
So after an entire month of being sick, I’m happy to say my health is fine now, my hair is feeling nice as it’s a little cooler and darker, freshly cut and dyed, and I have a couple new pairs of shoes, and some new fancy glasses in transit, so I’m good…well for now. ;)

On my mind this week:

1. Since people hustling me on the street for money has become such a problem in the city, I’ve adopted an Ugly-Betty like approach when it comes to commuting to work; nondescript parka, comfy shoes, an odd head covering…Yep, as the economy gets gradually worse, my outerwear outfits are gonna have to get worse...and more creative as well – hello hobo chic – or should I say hello, “Derelicte!”.

2. There is this new Southwest commercial that has a really amped up dog chasing it tail. When our dog hears this commercial, she goes get all riled up, and lets out these quick territorial barks. It’s really funny, and even sillier to think a million other people must be experiencing something like this too…come to think of it, that is a very strong weapon of mass media. Hmmmm…some crazy person will invent a way to have animals turn on human beings through subliminal messages implanted in TV commercials and internet pop-ups. Yep, mass media and our pets could potentially destroy us all.


And so he butchers the lyrics a bit….but only Trent Reznor could cover Billy Idol and do him proper justice. I think it’s perfect just as it is.

4. Public transit yesterday, (Valentine’s Day), was like a breeding ground for sketch comedy writing.

I saw a tranny that looked like Kelly from Shoes, but somewhat taller. She stood on the bus with a desperately bored expression. She even had the fingerless gloves on, but red and pink striped ones.

Then, within minutes, I was subjected to the most unpleasant auditory experience I think I’ve ever had. From the back of the bus, came a LOUD, wet, nasally voice; a tone of voice with an inappropriate emphasis on each word’s last consonant, and whose carriage was as banal as the words being formed from it. It was creepy and drooly sounding, and people were turning around to see what kind of human being was responsible for the horrible sounds they were hearing. Now during this woman’s painfully dull conversation with her mother I heard, “Oh there are tents pitched in the park at Union Square. They must be having an event there. Yes they must be serving dinner in the tents….. People are gonna start asking me if the store sells fly swatters soon cause it’s that time of the year, and I always tell them we don’t have them. No one really sells fly swatters anymore….. My parents, oh my Mom will cook for my Dad and they’ll eat dinner in front of the TV for Valentine’s Day, catch some late night television and go to sleep…..I’m going to Borders for the next 2 hours cause I LOVE Borders.” And with that, right in front of Borders on Powell, she was gone and the #2 bus was filled with silent relief.

I totally took the asshole card on this one as I tried to capture her voice on my phone’s video camera. Was a failed attempt, and for karma’s sake I’m sure. It’s just crazy how they make people like that.

5. Watched Jesus Camp with Sophie, Jesse, and Patrick the other night. Super disturbing….Like the Hitler Youth, but sloppily dressed.

See, church should be fun, not filled with scared, crying children…
(not really a big Valor fan, but still love this song, it's so dancey, I couldn’t resist!)

6. “Big Louis Vuitton”….limited edition purchase, I did not make at the Murakami exhibit, my willpower was tested, and it was incredibly hard…and while I was looking at the bag, it just didn’t feel right. I told Liz, “It had pink lining, and flimsy handles, and I would destroy it.” I would totally kill this kawaii piece of wearable art….hmmmm, would that classify me as a performance artist?!!

“Smiling every morning, that is life, it is hard job.” And yes, I certainly agree with that statement. :)