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QC..........Current mood: thoughtful - Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My life has turned into my job. Love the job, but miss my sanity, or the bit of it I had at one point. Vegas was a good time. Saw the most grossly fascinating boob job on a sixty year old woman at Mandalay Bay. They were like dribbling basketballs underneath her shirtand had a 2lb. corn beef/pastrami sandwich with the DeeCame out even, and yes, I did use my slot machine feeling technique. Looked at Louis Vuitton Petite Noe and some Judith Leiber, very 18th century sunglasses, but turned them both downbeen so disciplined lately by intuitionsorta funny or ironic I suppose. Had a wonderful birthday meal at Hana Zen with Sophie the other night and a delicious chocolate raspberry cocktail concoction at XYZ bar to top off the delicate sushi and sojou dinner, and I think sojou with ume is a divine drink. I love it!!! There are so many things that I miss these daysfriends, an abundant social life, shopping sprees, a overly healthy appetite, creative projects, sacrificed, and yet its been quite an educational experience to see how much you appreciate these things when their presence is severely lessenedLessoned: What doesnt kill you makes you stronger, and what doesnt satiate you furthers your graciousness.

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mandalay bay: a mecca for the strange.
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