Sunday, April 15, 2007

Pammy on hiatus.....- Sunday, August 06, 2006 - Current mood: indescribable

The past few weeks have been a little insane, which I should totally be used to I suppose, as the past 3 years of my life have been likewise. Working about 7 days a week, finishing up my last weeks at Enterprise and working lots and lots OT at Tattoo. Anyone wanna be in a focus group this Thursday about luxury hotel travel in "classy " Las Vegas?!! Let me know, seriously...Estatic to have finally gotten my haircut and colored, same, but turned out a little darker this time..just a little less Pamela Anderson, which has been the Dees pet name for me the past couple months. Not feeling so Pammy as I lost 4 pounds this week without even trying, from working, thus losing part of my Pammy assets. And I will be going to Vegas soon, a 2 day trip with the fam, so should be fun, a much needed vacation! Made it out to Christle's going away party last night at the LWfun, but sad, and fit in a little shopping todaythe pink Ferragamo tiger striped goulashes I bought today for winter are killer!!! September awaits, and so happy to get some friends back: Pacey and Kevin are moving back from teaching English in Korea, Liz will be coming back from her bi-coastal lifestyle in NY, T will be flying back from Portugal, and Joe is coming to visit, so it has been rumored. The fall/winter fashions for 2006 look really, really good. This makes me incredibly happy and slightly sick, er, or maybe just a bit over stimulated.

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