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loveletters and the most interesting mail...Friday, October 13, 2006 - Current mood: splendid

This week was productive. Did the typical job hunting stuff of course, but really just kinda chilled with myself and my isolation (in the creative zone – do not disturb cause runs in phases), which always lends time to nurture the designer tucked away in there when she is not too busy being bossed around by her ADD (see costume photo). Hung out with my grandparents, baked more banana bread. Think I've perfected my recipe. So my next task should be the bread machine I've had for like two years, but haven't used…and I LOVE homemade bread, I just DISLIKE programming anything. The VCR  age was long ago, and I still don't know how to tape off TV…and probably never will… Yes, I'm a technology/gadget phobe in addition to being phobic of midwestern fashion and freeways …worked in my garden, split my orchids…so this is what retirement feels like, eh?…Robles taught me how to install my future Kohler toilet at Mei's wedding, and with our seating arrangements, we somehow turned into the party table thanks to the open bar policy…Sara is visiting for the weekend from Portland, so things will probably get a little out of hand, surely in the best way possible of course.


On my mind this week:


1. My grandparents have a very sweet, but HUGE black dog, it's like 200 lbs and three feet tall, and they said it was a Chow, but I think it is a Shiloh Shepard… I very well like dogs, and it kissed me (it was as tall as me sitting down), and I was terrified for a few very lengthy seconds…

2. Shearling is a wonderfully luxurious material, in black of course.

3. Men are crazy

4. I don't care who is doing coke, please stop.

5. I need some lumpias!!

6. It's so overwhelming…next Friday Marie Antoinette AND Nightmare Before Christmas 3-D both come out!!!

7. I LOVE HALLOWEEN! And people, please stop planning EVERYTHING for the 28th!!!

8. whoa, I just had an 8-track flashback, I totally forgot all about bidis…I used to smoke these instead of cigarettes for "healthier" reasons back in the late nineties…reminded cause I just saw a really hot rhinestone cigarette holder in the latest issue of NYLON …and damn, it would look so good with a pack of rainbow Shermans…..I think I'm gonna start bringing gum candy smokes to the bar so I don't feel left out in the smoking section, and then I can use my vintage cigarette holders again and reclaim my vanity.

9. WTF?!!! What has this world come to when you can't find whips of any sort, not even a riding crop, or even guns at the Halloween store!??!!

10. My cat snores and snorts, and it's the cutest thing ever…now only if she talked in her sleep like boys do.

11. Greetings from Italy (from Jenny and Darrel's trip) arrived in a very, very phallic form this week…

12. A garden wound is a rather noble wound (slice left hand rose pruners)…the battle of the girl and garden continues…

13. the youtube is dangerously funny and addictive, my kind of companion…


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Oh no.....Aaron tried to teach you how to install a Kohler toilet? Can I be there when you do it just so I can watch the chaos that will occur? Ha! Ha! Actually, maybe I'm better off staying at home. =)
Posted on Friday, October 13, 2006 at 3:44 PM

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