Saturday, April 14, 2007

SUCCUBUS - In folklore, a female demon thought to have sexual intercourse with sleeping men. - Thursday, February 16, 2006 - Current mood: silly

INCUBUS - A spirit or demon thought in medieval times to lie on sleeping persons, especially women, with whom it sought sexual intercourse. SUCCUBUS - In folklore, a female demon thought to have sexual intercourse with sleeping men. I LOVE THIS SONG ON MY PROFILE. ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITES. HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE SINGING ABOUT…I'M SURE IT'S WHOLESOME IN ALL ITS GOTHY GLORY THOUGH!! Does this make any sense?!!?? ; )

The rollerderby match was really fun, although we had no idea what was going on, I could gather in my downed PBR state that the girls skate in a circle and chase their opponents and sorta knock them around to get points…I do know the burrito before was so tasty, (the tasty part - that's for Joe – eventhough I know he'll never read this in Chile).

Had drinks with Dee, Christle, &Wan Shen at Lost weekend last weekend, boy, the things you find out from random inebriated guys you went to high school with….Pizza BBQ at Carlo's Sunday - so much fun, really, really good pizza, stiff cocktails, scary palm tree raccoons, and a trampoline = good times. Yesterday had an interview with Tom Hartle, publisher of 7x7 magazine and Tim W., head of Hartle Media's production dept., and after had drinks with Jessica at the Westin St. Francis hotel bar and at a nearby strange, but friendly Irish pub that had a hof brau inside…Going to Vivienne Westwood and Heatherette fashion show with Jessie Fashionista and Jennie Saturday night, supposed to have drinks with Jenny and Darrel tomorrow at Lost Weekend. Got bit twice at work the other day, god damn it, but got a Thai massage too!!! Fell in love, but resisted, with a purty Valentino bag my flea market handbag hookup has and had the best churro of my life there last weekend : )

Things aren't so bad. Would be really nice if I get this job. Feel like going dancing too. It's been too long, well guess 4 weeks is long enough for me….Heard the Hush, Hush just reopened, wonder if it is any good. Used to be so much fun!!! The DJs need to play some Sparks for Christ's sake and ANYTHING remixed by Outhud, okaaaaay!!! Excited cause spring is getting nearer, which means, SF festival time is approaching, staring with the O'Reilly's Oyster festival in April (gosh, this will be our third year), and all the other mad fun SF festivals thereafter…..Spring makes me so excited!!! Oh my god, the idea of wearing skirts and dresses and light weight fabrics soon, yes, it's the texture, the lightness of fabric, oops oh my, yea….. ; )


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fuck...i wanna daaaaance
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