Saturday, April 14, 2007

So much booze, so little time...Monday, April 05, 2004

Female bonding Friday at Hong’s place with me, Hong of course, Mien, and Nicole. Eventhough Hong got stuck in mad traffic created by the attempted suicide on the bridge and the Giant’s game, she still managed to cook us girls an awesome 5 course meal thanks to the help of her fine culinary skills and Trader Joe’s. There were mini crabcakes and a spinach and cheese filo dough concoction for appetizers, the main course was a spicy seafood fettuccine, and for dessert we had cream puffs smothered in chocolate syrup and hot mini apple pie a la modes. Yes, and naturally there was a lot of drinking involved. Following my 4 glasses of white wine were quite a few Cosmos, which I dearly paid for at 3am the next morning. (The last time I mix! Or so I thought until the next day...) The evening was a lot of fun, filled with girly chattering, shrieks, and drunk giggles. On Saturday was the Beer and Oyster Festival in Northbeach. I actually ended up only sucking down half a dozen oysters, and I wish I had eaten more cause they were so fucking good! I swear, it’s all the fish and chips’ fault! So I went with my sister and Adrian, saw lots of beautiful muti-million dollar homes in Telegraph Hill as we desperately searched for parking, and met up with Jenny, Darrel, Matt, and Mark, Fallon and her crew, Mei and her crew, and Joe. It was fun, crowded, a bit windy towards the end, and the shortage of those yucky things called porto-potties required us many times to seek out the other few available public restrooms in Northbeach. Because of the cold and the beer, I decided to get crafty and made Fallon, who was only wearing flip flops, some very chic make-shift socks out of napkins, it was pretty hilarious in that very “ghetto fabulous” way…Luckily, Jenny is always prepared and busted out her Winnie the Pooh bed sheet which kept a few of us kinda warm. By 5pm, we all decided it was way too fucking cold, and wanted to get more hammered somewhere indoors and ended up at very crowded Amante. I got home around 8pm, after taking Bart, buying smokes, and stopping off at the new Mac store with Joe. We drooled over all the fancy ibooks and ipods, and even participated in a demonstration of like a live visual conference meeting. It was fun but weird, and cameras as a rule make me paranoid. Sunday ran errands with Mum and Tracie, cleaned my closet ( and actually threw some stuff away), read the book “A Crash Couse in Marketing”, and now I’m just dreading next week cause well, of my crappy job yes, and the fact I have to pack for Vegas, and you know old Goths don’t do well in hot, sunny weather. Help! Oh well, enough bitchin and whining for me. I know I just have to suck it up like a trooper….Cheers to that!

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