Saturday, April 14, 2007

april fool.....Saturday, April 01, 2006 - Current mood: happy

OMG! How can it be April this weekend already? And so crazy already too for that matter!!! Dinner and drinks with Monique the other night was a blast and it was sooo good to see her! I Swear we turn 15 again when we're together. Love it!! And I love catching up with the folks and discussing all sorts of potential advice column subjects! The Chow Nasty show at Du Nord was awesome, then drinks at the Transfer, and finally dinner at Sparky's and then hung out at the Chow Nasty house in Emeryville for a bit. Had a funny conversation with Zack about health and exercise, and excess. Maybe we'll all learn our lessons somedayand I swear, me and Eddy really are the same person sometimes."he looked ummm sober, yeah" so funny!!! Was really nice seeing everyone last night! : ) So I'm off to the O'Reilly's Oyster Festival today, and cupcake party at Carlo's tomorrow. Really excited about this cause I'm making red velvet ones and his and Rebecca's parties are always so much fun!!!! So happy it's spring! Oh shoot, what am I wearing todaySuch big decisions!!! : ) and I'll have to make sure to beware of those darn tricky ones! ; )

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