Sunday, April 15, 2007

hairballs and tea bags... Monday, September 25, 2006 - Current mood: congested

Last week marked the beginning of Dee's B-day celebration, including dinner at Catch in the Castro. She and I both enjoyed an excellent seafood stew there, then ended up at the LW twice, once with Dee's crew and then with Jenny and Darrel and Matt, since they just got back from Italy…so nice and bearing gifts too, brought me back a very pretty amber colored beaded Venetian glass necklace….Laney flea market, where I proceeded to eat a chili cheese dog, part of a churro, and then a cerviche. Then for dinner that night, hot pot with Joey, Dee, Jenny, and Jeff. A very fun and cultural day, as my Sundays usually are. Like all things good, the fun eventually had to come to an end, and alas, I got the flu on monday…So between job hunting, I slept a lot this week, watched the most amazing documentary on PBS about Warhol, went into to the city to speak to 24/7, caught up with Jesses for a quick sec, ate German food with the fam for Dee's b-day, and baked Banana breads for the fam as well and went to a baby shower…sadly, I missed all of SF's Loveparading due to degenerate lungs. Tee was back and now she is off again to Japan, and happy cause Christine and Sergio will be visiting at the end of the week and hopefully then I will be back to my old hearty self….This week's obsessions include: red lipstick, green nail polish and making my own potion for beachy tousled hair…

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