Saturday, April 14, 2007

I think I may be a shopaholic...well it's better, err but not financially, than an alcoholic, right? - Saturday, March 13, 2004

Have decided to spend this weekend working on my future career as a Fashion Editor, but most likely Assistant. Spent last night doing hours of research on the subject and found some good, hearty information. Funny how a girl can end up spending money when she's supposed to be saving it, since she's looking for a new job. Guess that is what happens when I'm stressed. Okay, so while resume writing last night, I bought a Dior wallet from e-bay, and proceeded to go shopping in the city today as if that's not bad enough! But hey, I had to go cause I was buying a gift...So today I got these really beautiful Chanel sunglasses with their signature quliting on the sides, detailed with little rinestones. The best though was when I walked into the sale section of Anthroplogie and saw the Miller Harris perfumes were on sale for $20, so I bought three of them. These babies are normally $95 a pop and I distinctly remember when I was on a serious mission for it last yeat, when I had to travel to Fred Segal in L.A. just to get Fleur Oriental....Boy times have changed! A score I must admit, and a fucking awesome shopping day. Oh, I forgot, got a makeup palette at Sephora too. My last purchase of the day an hour ago was a one year membership with, an insider fashion industry website, but can't seem to log on right now, (hopefully due to the membership not being processed yet). As I'm writing this I'm beginning to think I have a serious shopping addiction. Hmmm, well at least I'll be going out next weekend for Hong's 26th b-day, (we're going to Asia SF, where I always have a lot of fun!) So hopefully knowing this will keep me the hell away from the stores...

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