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@rt attack!!! - Monday, May 02, 2005 - Current mood: peaceful

The past few months have been so hectic. Spent most of February working on my portfolio for Cosmic Debris, the company that makes the Emily the Strange stuff, and was able to get an interview with them though Liz and my aunt. Internally they are kinda whack, so that was that, and it ended up being better for my sanity in the long-run, so I was told by quite a few…Then I interviewed via referral from my cousin’s fiancĂ© and was in the top two for an Advertising Coordinator position for Conde Nast for Vanity Fair and Allure, but was beat out by an internal candidate. I was crushed as you can imagine, since I’ve been dying to get into Conde Nast since last year. Luckily, I made buds with some of the people at the company, so hopefully they will keep me in mind if anything opens up. So I’ve basically been busy job-hunting and just hanging out. Within the past 4 months, I quit smoking, gained a few pounds as a result, got a new haircut – auburn still, but with sorta thick layered bangs, got a really bad cold, and was on the Atkins diet for two weeks. Thank God that is over! And purchased a small “lateral” stepping exercise machine. Oh yes, and got some new Chanel glasses too. And the Oyster Festival. Oh my gosh, it was sooo much fun and so good to see Wes, and Steve, and Patrick, the ol’skool airforce clan. It was a really, happy, fun, good time. : ) Takes me back to what feels like another lifetime…guiness and dollar oysters, mummm, so good! Went to so many art shows this month. Let’s see, there was:Hotel de Arts - it was very cool and there was an open bar and appetizers! The hotel commissions artists to paint and decorate the rooms. Lots of different types of artwork from graff to whimsical, to psychedelic/black light stuff. Brandon and I will have to definitely stay there one night.First Try - Warehouse in Potrero Hill. Dean had a photography piece and Danny had one of his character pieces there. Lots of different and interesting types of artwork. My favorite, and Liz and Danny will agree I'm sure, was the Dr. Phil/sumo wrestler/illuminated designer, like bling, bling piece. The Labyrinth at Lobot - I think it's the coolest interactive installation I've seen in the Bay Area yet. Mostly done by Eric Groff, who is so nice and just amazing. Really is a labyrinth sans David Bowie - strange, kinda eerie, but uber cool, lots of secret rooms and passageways, and dangerous. You even have to sign a waiver before going in! Saw Bruce Lynn there. Funny cause I was in the Labyrinth and someone was complaining that they got bong water spilt on them and it turned out to be Bruce, which reminds me to go check out some of his photos at the Port of Oakland office/gallery. Friday, art show and Battle Ax at Club 6. Just let me say this: The Atkins diet doesn't quite agree with alcohol. Had drinks with Jenny and Darrel and Matt at Lost Weekend on saturday. It was good to see them. It's been too long since we've all gotten to hang out at the bar together. Last week, Elle called me, and then didn't return my phone calls.... then I applied to for an Advertising Coordinator for AOL’s media sites, and tonight applied to jobs at PaperCity and Surface magazines. In the process of writing letters to find local fashionista mentors (surprise, suprise, and thank god some important fashion people do live in the Bay Area). Now let’s just hope they give me the time of day. I’m feeling pretty happy right now and am trying to just “go” with this limbo period in my job life. Thanks Joe. The heart to heart worked! I guess it’s not so bad right now. Well, at least I am employed, and have the luxury of having money come in as I look for another job that is more relevant to my career interests. Also, read “It”, a book on how to become famous and successful by New York gossip columnist, Paula Froelich and am almost done with a bio on Anna Wintour, the chilly Editor in Chief of Vogue, whose job I’d like to have someday.

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