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ADD & Writer's block......Saturday, April 08, 2006 - Current mood: working

I swear, life just gets crazier!! Busy week, dinner with Eric and then Drinks with Jenny, Darrel, and Matt at the LW on wed....Nice to see Eric since it's been like almost six months. Hadn't seen him since that day he bought his Prowler, and he's doing some very exciting things right now. Great creative exchange and totally inspirational! So I should be doing top secret job related stuff , which I can probably reveal after next week, (and M.Editrix too, yikes!) and totally have real writer's block in the meantime. Such a pity. Times like this are when I wished I still smoked cigarrettes. I could be curled up in my bathrobe in bed with a smoke and my computer and the Babette and just smelly the cigarrette would make my house, ick. bad thought...and I have way too many shoes. I wish I had more space for them, they are taking over my life, but they are so damn cute, I just can't bear the thought of giving them up! I should have gone out, but I have a small sore throat. damn. I am having one of those the Queens of comedy and manicure or work? put away the shoes blocking the path from my kitchen to bed to my bathroom, surely a fire hazard, or keep rambling on the internet? Download more music on my sister's computer or take some meds and go to sleep? Will it rain tomorrow? Will there be a Laney College flea market? Work, work, work. Why didn't our parents tell us that life is work. hard work is life. fulll of drama and lots of strife. alas, I am spent, and there I go and then I went.
I'm going to read Edward Gorey now!!! : ) Really i am, Ciao!


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I did read edward gorey that night then fell fast asleep. Recommend the story: The Pornographic Couch, very, very silly and funny illustrations!
I manicured and watched the Queens of Comedy last night, and now I know about the hula hooping joke...haven't laughed so hard in such a long time. yes, i totally need to watch stand up more for sure...
It did not rain sunday, but there was no Laney College flea Market cause there was an Easter Carnival, don't worry dear, we'll get the glasses and homemade churros another day!!
i did download a bunch of music on my sister's computer while she was in colorado, some old skool oaktown 357, (see dj babette's page) and some new yeah yeah yeahs and remixes, and new stereo total, and some other random stuff..anybody have that gang of four "man in a uniform" mixed by the yeah, yeah, yeahs, it's like impossible to find to download?!!!
...and my shoes are still strewn all over my floor, although i managed to move 2 pairs of boots and 2 pumps over the the floor by my closet in the living room.
..still not put away my throat still hurts kinda...

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