Saturday, April 14, 2007

camera obscura....Sunday, August 29, 2004

Stoked cause I bought some new music today. Got the new Miss Kittin, a mix CD of various electronica songs selected Ladytron, & Scissor Sisters. Went to a rummage sale yesterday. Found a cool vintage handbag from the 80's (I love it! Looks like something right out of Naked Lunch), some slouchy beige suede boots, a crocheted shawl, and some jewelry. Then today at good old Target I decided to buy a new digital camera, since I broke mine a few weeks ago. Got a memory foam mattress topper as well, which is absolutely heavenly. Went to new Wave City last night with my cousin and Sophine. Quite an interesting night. A very nice guy visiting from Oregon offered his Nike discount to the 3 of us, and a very drunk girl offered her body to me and my cousin during a potty break. Was happy cause they played my favorite Front 242 song, "Don't Crash", which nobody plays anymore! So nostalgic, reminds me of the good old days at So What at Maritime Hall. Crappy Venue, but had the best music ever! So many memories there. The kick it booths, the Christian Death show which promised Rozz Williams. There was this very dramatic intro and then Valor jumped out on stage, everyone gasped in disbelief, and vacated the place to the club. So fucking funny! The Creatures show on Halloween 1999 when Christine was dating Anshuman and I had to sit in the back of his teeny ass sports car on top of a speaker, my ass in pain the entire way there and back...oh, such good times...and Thursday at Radio was crazy. Met Brandon's little brother visiting from Irvine who plans to move up her next month, Phil locked Brandon's keys in his car - so I had to call and wait for AAA with them, and I turned and drove for quite some time in the wrong direction from a one way street on the way home. Brandon is off to Burning Man w/ Phil, so for the next 9 days or so I'm gonna clean, clean, clean, organize, and portfolio! Sent out resume 20 to Conde Nast Publications for an advertising assistant, which is pretty entry level, and good for me cause I have neither a degree nor work experience in advertising, which makes me the perfect candidate! Excited cause Kira and Ryan are visiting from New York in a couple weeks, and Wes is gonna bring Veronica out to A-town when she comes to visit from NY in October. Feeling good this week! Have new music, new accessories, and a new camera, but what I really want is a new job! Hopefully the wait won't be too long! They say good things come to those who wait, right?

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