Friday, February 15, 2008

Are you there God, it’s me Miss Michelle…February 15, 2008 – Mood: Writer's Guilt.

2008 started out with a bang!! Brought in the new year at Bootybassment at Casanova with Errico, Julia, and their crews. Was a super fun party, definitely got my dance on hard enough for the next month or so. Then me, Dee and Christle had a good time running around Telegraph…felt like teenagers again, especially when I bought this lion hat at the Hat Store, inspired by Christle who bought a kitty cat version. Japanese New Year was filled with a great deal of family bonding and cooking, and catching up at La Pin with me, Dee, Liz, Danny, and Errico, was a hoot. The fun came to an abrupt stop as the January rainstorms catalyzed a most horrific flu, as one afternoon I spent four hours working in sopping wet clothes. However, just hours before getting sick, I enjoyed a superbly delicious chacuterie plate at Spruce with work, and enjoyed Anna’s Moving/Lars’ Welcoming party, which was cheery mingly fun.

Between coughing attacks and foggy brain activity due to being overmedicated with cold medicines, made it out to the Tiki Bar to celebrate Tee’s birthday, and made it out to LA to visit my dear friends, Christine and Sergio in their new North Highland Park house. LA was fun of course, but low key, and a bit challenging considering we were all sick. We did make it out to see the Murakami exhibit at the MOCA, which was on the level of mind blowing incredible. To see his artwork in person and to be able to appreciate the scale, and immense detail, and the genius colorization of his pieces was absolutely awe inspiring. My favorites being, the Reversed Double Helix sculpture and a study on his work process pieced together with scotch tape, swatched with color chips. Tried Pink Berry frozen yoghurt which made me violently ill and then vomit. So it was definitely a trip of artistic highs and health related lows. This past weekend, finally made it out to the LW with Dee and Gerald, and then Sophie cooked an amazing dinner of chili with a subtle, yet strong heat, a green salad with persimmons, and pistachio rice pudding infused with rosewater. I’m totally my happiest when eating, and I’m so lucky to have such good friends to share their foodie love!!


And lunch food seems to be this week’s theme. Dee and I had Petite Robert the other day (best French onion soup ever!) and Jesse came with me to a tasting for work at Ducca today (ambiance and service great! Food, okay).
So after an entire month of being sick, I’m happy to say my health is fine now, my hair is feeling nice as it’s a little cooler and darker, freshly cut and dyed, and I have a couple new pairs of shoes, and some new fancy glasses in transit, so I’m good…well for now. ;)

On my mind this week:

1. Since people hustling me on the street for money has become such a problem in the city, I’ve adopted an Ugly-Betty like approach when it comes to commuting to work; nondescript parka, comfy shoes, an odd head covering…Yep, as the economy gets gradually worse, my outerwear outfits are gonna have to get worse...and more creative as well – hello hobo chic – or should I say hello, “Derelicte!”.

2. There is this new Southwest commercial that has a really amped up dog chasing it tail. When our dog hears this commercial, she goes get all riled up, and lets out these quick territorial barks. It’s really funny, and even sillier to think a million other people must be experiencing something like this too…come to think of it, that is a very strong weapon of mass media. Hmmmm…some crazy person will invent a way to have animals turn on human beings through subliminal messages implanted in TV commercials and internet pop-ups. Yep, mass media and our pets could potentially destroy us all.


And so he butchers the lyrics a bit….but only Trent Reznor could cover Billy Idol and do him proper justice. I think it’s perfect just as it is.

4. Public transit yesterday, (Valentine’s Day), was like a breeding ground for sketch comedy writing.

I saw a tranny that looked like Kelly from Shoes, but somewhat taller. She stood on the bus with a desperately bored expression. She even had the fingerless gloves on, but red and pink striped ones.

Then, within minutes, I was subjected to the most unpleasant auditory experience I think I’ve ever had. From the back of the bus, came a LOUD, wet, nasally voice; a tone of voice with an inappropriate emphasis on each word’s last consonant, and whose carriage was as banal as the words being formed from it. It was creepy and drooly sounding, and people were turning around to see what kind of human being was responsible for the horrible sounds they were hearing. Now during this woman’s painfully dull conversation with her mother I heard, “Oh there are tents pitched in the park at Union Square. They must be having an event there. Yes they must be serving dinner in the tents….. People are gonna start asking me if the store sells fly swatters soon cause it’s that time of the year, and I always tell them we don’t have them. No one really sells fly swatters anymore….. My parents, oh my Mom will cook for my Dad and they’ll eat dinner in front of the TV for Valentine’s Day, catch some late night television and go to sleep…..I’m going to Borders for the next 2 hours cause I LOVE Borders.” And with that, right in front of Borders on Powell, she was gone and the #2 bus was filled with silent relief.

I totally took the asshole card on this one as I tried to capture her voice on my phone’s video camera. Was a failed attempt, and for karma’s sake I’m sure. It’s just crazy how they make people like that.

5. Watched Jesus Camp with Sophie, Jesse, and Patrick the other night. Super disturbing….Like the Hitler Youth, but sloppily dressed.

See, church should be fun, not filled with scared, crying children…
(not really a big Valor fan, but still love this song, it's so dancey, I couldn’t resist!)

6. “Big Louis Vuitton”….limited edition purchase, I did not make at the Murakami exhibit, my willpower was tested, and it was incredibly hard…and while I was looking at the bag, it just didn’t feel right. I told Liz, “It had pink lining, and flimsy handles, and I would destroy it.” I would totally kill this kawaii piece of wearable art….hmmmm, would that classify me as a performance artist?!!

“Smiling every morning, that is life, it is hard job.” And yes, I certainly agree with that statement. :)