Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Party Mammals & Mythical Creatures……June 13, 2007 Current Mood - Leotarded

Being sick kept me in for a weekend, so last week was nice and chill. Lost my cell phone for 12 hours earlier this week, but was lucky enough to have a very kind stranger pick it up and return it to me, which was such a relief. This past week was oodles of fun, and the party was definitely not over at The Party is Over, Joey and Craig’s art opening and Joey’s birthday celebration at Mission 17. Mosied on over to the Coppola’s house party across the street, remembering that I do indulge in Malibu Rum and cokes once in a while, then headed over to 111 Minna to see Misscrewer DJ Zita (who played a really awesome mash up set!!) spin at the Juxtapoz Magazine party with the Misscrew posse (Liz, Gabriella & Ali, Reina) + Danny, Errico, Jake, and Josh. So kinda fucked up shit has been happening to me at 111 Minna lately, whose selection of DJs and security I’m more of a fan of compared to its bizarro crowd, a mix of 40% decent, 20% cool, and 40% absolutely horrible patrons, of which I will spare you the gory descriptive details of cause it’s not worth the time, and I’m sure you’re already quite aware of if you go there. So anyhow, the other night we went to support Misscrewer DJ Zita, and while dancing a couple things happened to my dismay…….firstoff, this total tool of a dude asked if he could wear the fluorescent surfer printed vintage Speedo jacket I was wearing, I told him no, then I felt bad, so I let him dance it in for a brief moment, but then his drunk ass had the audacity to go into my purse, a complete stranger!, and wear my jacket again after I had asked for it back, which is when I lost my patience……I’m generally a very nice person, but when provoked, all hell will break loose - I had to punk him for having no manners, and his female friend for allowing his totally disrespectful behavior, and I would have really tried to beat his ass if further agitated. Thank God Errico stepped in to regulate….So it’s been an interesting week full of better and restful sleep (been making myself work out again), insightful observations and thoughts, nonsensical bedtime conversations with my homegirls, Tee and Liz, and psychic dreams about jewelry.

On my mind this week:

1. It’s really not cool, and very rude and assuming when complete strangers, and total douche bags at that, barge their way into our dance circle, when the boys leave. Oh hell no.
2. Food poisoning from deli Tabbouleh salad is not a good party.


(Part starts at 5:07)- Haahhhaaa, leotards rule! Think I just seen Sporty Spice.....

4. I have a friend named Gerald, and every time the Dee and I see him, we now use our 1920s voices and hand gestures as if grappling a speakeasy martini…..”Ha ha ha…..Gerald…”

5. Damn, what is cooler than Jeff Bridges, I dunno...