Sunday, September 23, 2007

Beyond my Control…Sept. 23, 2007 – Current Mood: Sickly.

Started with the Olafur Eliasson opening reception at the MOMA. The exhibit was 10,000% amazing, and a good reminder of how lighting can make or break a situation, my favorite being the “Room for all Colors” . Actually come to think of it, it sorta reminded me of that scary Bill Viola exhibit they had back in ’99, but without the sound element…wow, a reference to nineties art…someone is getting old. Besides all that, the installations were great, however falling down the MOMA stairs while trying to say hi to Sara and Leia in front of hundreds of people, and getting scolded by the docents was not so great. Think it’s time I reassess my dwindling habit of stiletto wear, and get my act together. Then there was the Roadside Distractions photography art show at the Hideo Wakamatsu Mission Store opening, with Kissui in abundance (and not usually a rice alcohol drinker) and no dinner, apparently brings out guest appearances from hers truly, M.Editrix, according to Dee, Adrian, and M.I.S.S. Liz. Later that week with M.I.S.S. Liz was the Emily the Strange art show, where the Bride of Ozzy performance was inspirational. Again, I swear 111 Minna is just a vortex of weird energy, there we were stalked by a guy who told me my glasses looked like they cost $2, and Liz got her nameplate necklace out of a candy machine. Hmmm Let's see, negative attention, scary eye contact, and sarcastic remarks, wow what a charmer. Bet he beats his ladies too. Drinks at the LW and breakfast at Mama’s to welcome Christle back for all of 48 hours.Tamale making night hosted by Joey and Anna, where it was once again reiterated that bacon and cheese make everything delicious, and Carlo Rossi is like a biting hug from a long lost friend. Dee’s karaoke birthday party at Do Re Mi was insanely wild fun, highlights include dancing on the table, Brandan’s delicious red velvet and fresh berry cake, Adrian the party animal, and 30 people packed in one karaoke room the size of small college dorm. Flea market last Sunday, plus this week’s Chicken and Waffles with Liz, Carlo’s birthday party/Up & Down show at Annie’s Social, then hanging out in the back of the LW with the folks and a puppy has left me violently ill, but I suppose I kinda earned this one.

On my mind this week:

1. “Elizabeth darling, oh how I LOVE this hot sauce…mwah, kissy, kissy…” , oh Kissui…

2. It’s really wrong…I ate La Pinata three times in two weeks, and I think I’m gonna die if I don’t get a chile relleno from Mexicali Rose soon...

3. We (myself, Dee, Joey, and Cash Gift too apparently) are patiently waiting for someone on the Youtube to upload some of the old Streetlight Records commercials….Please hurry cause “I’m bored with Madonna.”
Speaking of Madonna…

4. This is by far the funniest thing I’ve seen on the internet in a while, it’s even funnier when the Dee does an interpretive reading of it. Found it on Amazon while researching Swedish Fish for my Dad’s 60th Birthday Party we’re planning.

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Chewy Perfection, February 11, 2007
By C.P. Cavafy - See all my reviews

I used to purchase Swedish Fish at the CVS Pharmacy for many years, but the store switched to the smaller fish, which are not nearly as good in texture. When evaluating a Swedish fish, the most important thing is freshness. You want fish that are as fresh as possible, i.e., furthest away from their expiration date (you can check the expiration code through the manufacturer Cadbury Adams). Well, Candy Depot just delivered the freshest Swedish fish I ever had -- just the right chewiness and bursting with flavor that no other gummy candy can match. Older Swedish fish get a bit stiff and are harder to chew. The intensity of the flavor diminishes as well. The assorted fish flavors are lemon (yellow), lime (green), orange (orange), and berry (red). Many people prefer only the red Swedish Fish because its flavor is sublime and difficult to describe; some people think the flavor is strawberry, others cherry, and even loganberry. No matter what, the Red Swedish Fish are the Holy Grail of non-chocolate candy. Although you can purchase a bag with just red fish, I prefer the assorted variety because I like the contrast in flavors, and you can progress in taste up to the red. When eating a Swedish Fish, no filleting is required; however, there is an art to it. Personally, I like to nip off the tail and then eat the body. Sometimes, I will roll up the fish from the tail end and eat it like a miniature jelly roll. But my special technique is reserved for a pair of red fish. I sandwich the two fish belly-to-belly, then I bite off the double tail, then I pop the double body into my mouth for a full burst of flavor. Delicious. Yes, I may seem strange, but I come from a competitive family where we used to have jelly bean wars. We would pair up the jelly beans, then we would "go to war" by holding each jelly bean between each forefinger and thumb, then smash the two together until one end of the losing jelly bean would cave in. These battles would continue in a single elimination tournament until one bean emerged victorious. I hope you enjoyed this review and your Swedish Fish from Amazon.
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Remember this…


Maybe it’s cause I’m sick, but I totally get the chills when I watch this....yep, I think Friday’s red shoes are surely to blame...

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Word Processing…..Sept. 8, 2007 - Current Mood: Spunky

I’ve been in my head a lot the past few weeks which explains the misplacing of keys, phone, clothes, scarves, and plans. My sense of direction has temporarily worsened due to a weak eyeglasses prescription, which clearly wreaks havoc on my already weak sense of direction and perpetual state of dishevelment. Yet despite everything, I managed to do a hearty amount of well manicured socializing, mostly in the east bay setting. So my new place to nerd out is the Hob Nob, which used to be a kind of bizarre jazz bar/restaurant in Alameda, but now is a mecca for young and old nerds alike, providing a healthy supply of booze and board games within a semi-nice local setting. The Kwan kids rather like it on Thursdays since they have a $3 drink happy hour from 10pm to midnight, and last week included an intense game of scrabble, arm wrestling, and extreme connect four. There were a couple visits to the LW and Radio, and a pillaging of the popcorn machine over at the Lucky 13. Back in the city, enjoyed a delicious dinner at Maverick for Sophie's birthday with her, Jesse, Dan, and Gail, and I have to say, my fried chicken was cooked to perfection; tender, yet crisp, and impeccably seasoned, and on a bed of mashed potatoes. I told Miss Liz the next time we get our thrift on at Thriftown, which is kiddie corner, we have to have a lady date there. So the Labor Day weekend included some home redecorating and TLC, babysitting, couple BBQs – pretty low key cause the next few weeks will be action packed.

On my mind this week:

1. Everytime I see my friend Carlo, he says, “I know you’ve got to be at least one of the three: hungry, tired, or having to pee.” I am realizing now these are the effects of me always being in a constant state of over stimulation.

2. Yet another person on a bike took me by surprise on Market Street this week…


Legos are so the new black.

And they say computers are dangerous…


My Dad makes up words too…my favorite of late is poisionated, e.g. “I don’t want to get poisionated by that confetti." (that had fallen onto a piece of cake during a Kwan Family birthday party).