Sunday, October 12, 2008

October 12, 2008 - Over the Rainbow…Mood: Focused

I thought life after thirty would change considerably, and boy was I right. However, it wasn’t quite like the way I had envisioned. I thought I would have all this time to clean, sort, and organize, maybe write a novel, grow vegetables, and at least get all my dry cleaning done. Instead, the opportunity to go to New York for Spring 09 Fashion Week presented itself, so of course I had to go. Although before I left, I did manage to organize my three closets, shifting shoes piled in the kitchen to photographed marked boxes, and to these great ones Ikea has right now for $10 for a pack of 4.

Also prior to leaving, I hung out with Jesse at the SOMA Magazine’s G Star Store party for the launch of Men’s Underwear line, where I had been expecting models to be modeling underwear, but only were presented with fully clothed ones…Cash Gift’s birthday bash was great fun too, and those El Presidentes…well that was quite a night…Lee, Dee, and I had a Zuni CafĂ© date, which was a very fine time of catching up over their delicious One Hour Chicken, and Sophie’s birthday dinner at The Front Porch was so much fun (after getting the plans confused, I showed up two weeks early), but when I made it on the right night, I discovered the place is crazy cozy, like if Beauty Bar was a restaurant/Cuban social club - and their Spicy Crab Grits and Fried Chicken are culinary feats of rustic perfection. We went to the Attic after, and their blonde DJ that night played such a good set of the saddest New Wave songs ever, that I was transported right back to my teens...Then I had gone to Vegas where I took bubble baths, drank poolside at the Wynn, went to bed early, watched cable TV, gambled a bit, and went snackless; eating 3 excessively large meals a day.

A week later, I was in New York for Fashion Week with Liz and Gabriella. Liz and I took the red eye out of Oakland to JFK, and once our feet hit the ground, the madness started, lasting 11 days.

It was an insanely busy trip, but also a fabulously fun trip, with a large portion of it documented on the misscrew blog, (see the the LINKS below).

Highlights of the trip included: The New York Fashion Week opening party at Saks, chronicled on, where 19 designers made 19 pairs of their interpretations of Dorothy’s ruby slippers using Swarovski crystals. I saw Betsey Johnson there, and leggy Lizzy was our paparazzi photographer, since Gabriella and I are such shortaaays. Gap/Colette pop up store opening was intense. Gabriella is so hardcore, 2 ½ hours she waited, I came around hour 2, and left with the most impressive Gap items I’ve ever purchased. We have her to thank too, as she scored Liz and I the coveted secret fashion week YSL totes.

The Oak Bond Age Party at the Eagle was a surprise, funny cause had I realized it really was a bondage party, my outfit might have been a little different.

The NYEuro techno rave at the WAD Magazine Party at Hiro was so much fun...and with Gabriella dancing in heels too! I can still hear Salt n’ Pepa…

Saw Uffie at the MISSHAPES/MISSBEHAVE Magazine party, where Radio Rose spun a pretty amazing set, and since Dov gave the Heartschallenger Truck a jump, we all got free candy! Checking out the MOMA’s Dali exhibit, the gothic exhibit at FIT, and Koons’ latest installation at the Met was totally amazing and inspiring, but eating hot dogs and shootin the shit in Central Park with my homegirl Kira, eating 2am tapas at Carrera and with Liz and Lex, eating street cart falafels at four in the morning with Gabriella and Dov, and eating a steak at the Algonquin after getting lost, these were the best!

Coming back to California was much anticipated, for as wonderful as New York is in terms of shopping and its social aspect, I'm not quite the type who does well living out of a suitcase, or with humidity. When East Bay life resumed, celebrated with a Juanita’s homie jam session with Liz, Danny, and Errico, which was just like old times, full of giggles, cackles, and cracks. Had sushi with Cash Gift and then went to Kitty’s for Dee’s b-day with Trang, Julia, and Edwin, which involved shots on a Monday night and some extra hyphyness...It’s so nice to be home, back to tepid Bay Area weather, real Mexican food, and my own bed, and of course, the Babette.

On my mind this week:

1) Did anyone else notice, New Yorkers have an extreme fondness for black cars, and it goes way beyond car, government, or secret service vehicles.

2) The tents at Bryant Park were crazy, now I understand why they have an open bar.

3) The line at the Whole Foods in NY’s Union Square is CRAZY!! A man walks around the store with a sign indicating where the end of the line is, wtf?!! And the lines are color coded corresponding to a monitor that hangs from the ceiling, which then indicates when it’s your turn, by a dropping dot. I felt like I was at a cattle ranch, and naturally I got confused. I mistakenly took someone else's turn, and screwed up the flow and timing of the lines, and at that point, how could I look back at a crowd of irritated New Yorkers?!! Can you believe all that just for 10 pieces of brown rice sushi! Oh hell no.

4) Being in New York on 9/11 was strange. It was a silent day, no one spoke about the Twin Towers, but spotlights beamed up to illuminate the New York sky with the phantom edifices. It was beautiful, alien, and all together chilling.


Me, Dee, and Lee had a Bullets Over Broadway date at the Castro Theater the other night…so hilarious! Oh when Woody Allen still had it in him…Pause!!!
“I never play frumps or virgins!!” heheehehee...

6) Sonogram and mammogram say breast lumps are non-cancerous, but the needle biopsy, which I am scheduled for within the next couple weeks, will be a better confirmation.

7) Me, and my wifey Liz, went to hang out with Jessica at the Agent Provocateur store party the other night. Champagne, lingerie, and macaroons; so overstimulating and fantastically french, always want everything in the place, but really, I think I'm gonna die if I don't get these soon. Sigh, we're so lucky she takes such good care of her ladies. :)


Kinda reminds me of our current ridiculous state of affairs...did I hear someone say "mavericky"?!!


Too bad mine is on vacation....