Monday, April 30, 2007

The Freaks come out at night…April 30, 2007 - Current Mood - winky

In the past couple weeks I found myself at Emily’s art opening at Transmissions Gallery, where the pieces were dark, whimsical, and charming, and the band, Continental, was skillfully jamming away. That night I wore my red leather Thriller jacket and hoochie red leather pumps with 90’s bling buckles, so my attention span was not happening cause my Michael Jackson dance moves in inappropriate places were,..,..Went to the Mallard for a sec after, then ended up at the LW for last call….Liz and I decided to get lunch at the flea market Sunday, which for me consisted of a pork tamale, a lengua taco, and two scoops of Mexican ice cream in a waffle cone. Ran walked Denise’s two very hyper, Beagles, and got a house tour, and finally got to bear witness to the Robles’ “million dollar” bathroom. Ended up at the Hush Hush the other night night with Dee, Sara, Jason, Ida, and Kelly, which was kinda like bizarro night there. First, I walked in on a group of unfriendly fortysomethings doing coke in the bathroom cause they didn’t bother to lock the door. Then these same people were celebrating a birthday with full on, bare buttocks on the bar, birthday was a bit of a disturbing sight - total birth control!!

On my mind this week:

1. Coincidences are weird and sorta funny....and so many lately that it’s kinda spooky...

2. There was no Michelle and Liz booties at this month’s Bootybassment, so come May there will be some double, triple, quadruple, quintuple, sextuple trouble on the Knockout’s dancefloor that’s for sure!!!

3. For someone who is quite cryptic, I take what people say very literally because I am extremely gullible.

4. Despite yesterday’s snack with Dee and Joey, I’m still having my Wienerschnitzel attack!!

5. I forgot Beyonce had a last name...Dee thought this was funny...

6. Theresa and Liz, you ladies are throwing off my schedule!! See what happens when
I miss you guys!!

7. Opening sequence to The Hunger

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Hats are so hot right now...

8....umm I actually own a couple versions of this outfit....

I found it, and it’s more fabulous than I had even imagined! Thanks Joey!! ;)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Real trannies don’t have hips…April 17, 2007 - Current mood: Content

The past couple weeks of extreme socializing have left me exhausted, but very happy and strangely somehow healthy. Started with Moua’s birthday party, then 111 Minna after where this random guy decided to sit next to me, and what happened next still has me feeling a bit traumatized. (Keep in mind here I was wearing a very fitted vintage sixties cocktail dress, in silk crepe, a kind of fabric that clings to the hips, and the same amount of make-up I always wear.) So he kept asking me how old I was, which I told him, then he kept telling me I looked 22, said I had a nice face, then asked me if I was a girl…and THEN proceeded to buy me a drink that I didn’t ask for, that was 50% correct in body because he didn’t let me finish my sentence. And then kept saying over and over that we should go to Vessel…then this guy got freaked out by Ryan, thought he was my boyfriend, saying he gave him the evil eye….This is when Liz and I kindly made our escape to the dancefloor thanks to Dylan the DJ who saved us with New Order’s Bizarre Love Triangle, which was actually quite representative of that very awkward and ill-fated moment. Later in the week there were drinks at the LW with Theresa, Ryan P., Jenny, Jeff, Dee, Melinda, Amy….Then Gia and Gemma’s bounce house Tinkerbell birthday party across the street at Dean and Rene’s … Actually had to do the party in 2 shifts with a nap in between. On Easter, decorated Easter eggs with the fam, enjoying Easter brunch, and Easter dinner and ate, and ate and ate. After Easter more amazing meals followed, and included a wonderful dinner of Chinese Oxtail soup and Toro (fatty tuna) and Korean BBQ in West O with the fam, Thai Osha with Mei, and Ruby Skye for a media work related event (Harrah’s/ Harvey’s Lake Tahoe) and enjoyed a nice mini cabaret show and buzz that I took with me later to an art show in Jack London.

On my mind this week:

1. I have yet to go there, but Vessel does not look fun. Not my idea of a hyphy time. For work however, David and I are considering maybe planning a corporate event there.
2. People slang all sorts of stuff at the Laney college flea market, but last Sunday was the first time we were approached with Chiuauas….so painfully cute, and a painful $250 a pop…er a pup! Have you ever met my friend corny Collins…..
3. Bootybassment is sooooo on on Saturday!!! Yess!!! I’m so EXCITED I already know what pants I’m gonna wear!!!!
4. The best part of the week though was when M.I.S.S. Liz informed me of a write up my Sunday M.I.S.S. Crew Beauty blog posting received on the Around the Way Girls blog, which is awesome and informative in the ways of fashion and pop culture. Really feels good to know people enjoy and appreciate what I do. Thanks so much Radio Rose!! 

5. The flea market was crazy yesterday. Something funny I overheard was:
I had said outloud to my sister, “It smells like pot right here.” Passing right next to us was a middle aged couple. The wife said, “It smells like a skunk.” The husband replied, “That’s not a skunk, that’s grass.” Guess you had to be there.

6. Jungle juice and the bounce house are a very fun, yet tiring combination, and is best when you live across the street.

7. I LOVE this video cause it’s so cute, and Peaches is so much fun, and our Joey is in it too…And JD from Le Tigre, now she is a fo’REAL tranny.


Funny how things don’t change much….There will always be Bunny Bixlers and Muriel Peuses, but there is only one Auntie Mame….a favorite of the all the Kwans.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Slapsticky hair........Thursday, April 05, 2007 - Current mood: I love oven baked turkey sandwiches

The past couple weeks have been pretty silly, but ever so much fun…Started with the Chow Nasty show at Thee Parkside, which I was really excited about cause I had vowed to get my dance on once again…great until I pulled a muscle in my tender loving buttocks while trying to do a fancy dance move. Then pulled a muscle in my neck while blowdrying my hair earlier that night, so I was very sore for a few days after to say the least. Then Pho, dim sum and flea market with the fam, and Mexican dinner with Denise and Mei, and drinks with Hansel. Shared a very disturbing, yet mindblowing, thrifting high moment with Liz at Buffalo (Zodiac taupe suede/leather knee high boots in perfect condition, vintage Betsey Johnson velvet corset dress with red tartan plaid ballerina skirt with black netted petticoat, and some insane red pumps) and then at Thrifttown (let's just say my 80's shoe collection has grown extensively with the help of ELB). Then the M.I.S.S. Crew ladies (Liz, Gabriella, Reina, Pauline, Alice) and Ryan and Ali, under Gabriella's supervision, pitched in to make an amazing dinner of homemade chicken soup, garlic knots, meatball appetizers, and a very refreshing mint salad, (the recipes for these will be up on soon), while we participated in Craft Corner (can't reveal what the project was cause it's not up on the website yet, but was way cool and involved potatoes and kept us busy till 4:30am that morning.)

After a drunk patron spilled his beer on me, enjoyed a scrumptious lunch at Swan Oyster Depot with my cousin, and ate $63 worth of assorted oysters on the half shell, fresh clam chowder, shrimp salad, crab salad, and smoked salmon, everything being absolutely delicious. Went to the Alameda Point Antique fair, bought an assortment of 80's wide band belts and a kettle corn/caramel kettle corn combo, which I highly recommend, and got yelled at and ditched by my sister cause I had lost an earring of hers for a couple hours, which I later miraculously found thanks to desperate prayer.

On my mind this week:

1. I have a horrible aversion to overly manicured facial hair, except for maybe this guy's…

2. I don't know what I'm talking about. I'm totally lying cause I'm fascinated by:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

3. FOR THE BARGAIN HUNTERS: Bargain Bank on Polk has the perfect snack size packets of assorted organic dried fruit, 2 for $1.

4. I love running into my friends on the street late at night while I'm slightly loaded as they do their manly jobs.

5. These almost got me into some serious trouble…
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

6. the voice of angels…my absolute favorite DCD song, plus I like Lisa Gerrard's hair here.
Dead Can Dance - Sanvean


lots and lots of all sorts of peachy hair here…….Love it!!!...the best dancey slapstick I've seen in a long time!!


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thank your lucky stars...
Posted on Thursday, April 05, 2007 at 9:20 PM

Spring training...Saturday, March 24, 2007 - Current mood: i need breakfast right about now

March has been great fun!! Started with a wonderful German inspired dinner party at Sophie's with the main course being a very tender and delicious pot roast stewed in orange slices and Frangelico soaked currants. God, so good!!! Then did lady date night at Stacy's with the girls and Ryan, enjoying Jessica's Chicken Adobo, Ryan's fancy pants thin mint/homemade kaluha/coffee bean sundae, some good ass trashy reality TV shows, and then impromptu dance party…Shari Vari and JT…sooooo good! Drinks for Jenny's b-day at the LW, Cristallette fashion show at Lulu's where Liz and I ended up buying matching crazy awesome 90's Ujena dresses, brunch buffet with the fam., health food shopping and sushi with the Dee and Evelyn, Laney flea with Liz and Dee. Completed my first Beauty Tip blog posting for and Liz and I snuck out to Laszlo's earlier this week to see Ryan and Justin DJ.

On my mind this week:

1. Yayyyyyyyyy for nice weather!! I think I can retire the flannel now….
2. Neiman.
3. Neon is the new black.
4. For sure Foreign Cinema needs to kick Laszlo's down with some fancy bar snacks.
5. Did you know baby coconuts reduce blood pressure?

I promise I will participate in the dance line next time!!

7. If I see you drop your gun on Bart, I'm just gonna pretend like I didn't see.

8.I realized today that I'm kind of old fashioned.

9. Just some oldies……but goodies…….


(Original version no longer available - so had to upload the instrumental version)
Can you tell? I have dance fever again!!!

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Yeeeeee for Dance fever!!! And yeeeeyeee for all the liz/michelle action as or late! more,more!! Posted on Saturday, March 24, 2007 at 9:08 AM

If old fashioned means not telling someone when they dropped their gun on BART, well... I think you're awesome. dance dance dance!
Posted on Saturday, March 24, 2007 at 10:10 AM

ahem. frangelico currants were in the hazelnut risotto dessert! the pot roast merely involved raisins.Posted on Sunday, March 25, 2007 at 6:16 PM

My gosh, that's right! And I had asked you too, now I remember...and that dessert, should have been called Hazlenut Risotto Heaven! So good!!
Posted on Sunday, March 25, 2007 at 6:21 PM

Have you seen my rabbit? - Wednesday, March 07, 2007- Current mood: sensitive teeth

Before going back to work…President's day consisted of an all day tour of SF for Ingrid visiting from Portland. Started with an amazing Pacific Heights breakfast of yoghurt pancakes, omelets, bacon (the bestest!!) and mimosas and bloody Marys, compliments of our fabulous chef, Adrian. Shopping followed in the Fillmore and in Union Square, topped off with Kitty's that evening as well. Then started my new job, which I really like so far. It's so nice to be back and working in the city again, and especially nice to not have to pay out of pocket for health insurance anymore….The weekend had included Anne's and Eric's big hotel crashing birthday bash, which was wildly entertaining to say the least, and really a lot of fun! Watched Hollywoodland with the fam, which was slow and depressing, but was quite interesting, especially since Time Warner is now my employer. The incestuous relationships and power struggles between the actors, studios, agents, etc. within the television/film industry, and in old Hollywood in particular, are absolutely twisted and insane to me…all politics…and grotesquely fascinating…anyhow the White Elephant sale was a spectacular time with the Dee and Amy, saw Ryan's head race through the accessories section, greeting Liz freshly off her NY plane, with a pink velvet turban. Found a lot of rad day glow pieces, and more accessories than I needed to buy, but the best part was the delicious chile and cheese tamale during our snack break, and fresh squeezed Myers lemons lemonade too! Oh gosh, then saturday was crazy fun! Went to the Royal Oak, an engagement party, then over to The 500 Club (where Sophie accidentally cozied up to a Jesse lookalike), and then Zeitgeist ($2 homefries are so great at 1am) with Jesse, Sophie, Dan, Matt, and Alan. Dee and I went to the Oakland carnival beside the freeway yesterday. …I munched on a hand dipped corn dog and nachos while she shot photos….Does it get any more fun than this?!! Well, I have a little feeling that summer glee will come prematurely this year with the early arrival of daylight savings…

On my mind this week:

1. It seems that working fulltime always increases my appetite.

2. Cement

3. Help!! I'm addicted to soup!! Hot n'sour, noodle, menudo, wonton, shark fin, bird nest, tomato, turkey, clam chowder, porridge…

4. Vicks Vapo-Rub is my new best friend.


This is so funny…well they do call it the happiest place on earth!!


Psychedelic man!! Love it!!

Sweet battery acid...Sunday, February 18, 2007 - Current mood: well fed

The past couple weeks have been full of feeding frenzy fun. Started with Liz and I having our Swedish pancake breakfast date at Marty's, then went to a tasting with Isis and Chad at Dragon Rouge, a new Vietnamese fusion restaurant in town, where they had the most delicious spring rolls made with traditional spring roll ingredients, but also included: sliced boiled egg – gave it a creaminess, combined with what seemed like another small fried roll that gave it a very nice savory and crispy texture. Then dinner and drinks at the Tiki Bar with Denise, Aaron, Mei, Steve, and the Dee….and that Tiki bar makes some really strong drinks….half a tropical drink later, I was feeling a bit woozy, and later ended up on water at the LW. I can't remember what the concoction was called, but we all know it now as, "Sweet Battery Acid".

Got manis and pedis with Denise and then raided Tapioca Express twice this week for boba and fried goodness. Watched Darkbeat, one of the SF Film festival's movies with Jesses and Sophie. Was about the history of electro music focusing on the Detroit scene. Very educational, but not the most thrilling movie. Also went to a store opening on Leavenworth and Sutter that sells cute and quirky men's and women's clothing and accessories, including Jesse's severed plastic animal head necklaces, which are way too cool for school. Hit up and insanely packed LW last night for Sara's visit and Melinda's birthday, and got a job with one of Time Warners advertising agencies, so I've been enjoying myself lately…and definitely enjoyed tonight's family birthday and Chinese New Year dinner of prime rib and Chinese/Japanese foods...And of course, Gung Hay Fat Choy everybody!!!!

On my mind this week:

1. I watched Pan's Labyrinth with my mom. It made me nervous and there were some moments where I forgot to breath. It's a good mother/daughter bonding movie.

2. Mends.

3. I forgot all about this Kurosawa movie, Dreams, used to watch this with my mom too.

4. Interesting how Divine Intervention always strikes up conversations with me on public transportation.

5. The Youtube's copyright claims really bother me.

6. I looked at some of the fall collections for New York Fashion Week, and sadly, wasn't really all that impressed. None of the collections were very strong, most felt sloppy, and a bit redundant. Would have liked to have seen the Heatherette show though, lucky Ryan!!

7. When you are a chipper morning person at Trader Joe's at 10:00am and some Chinese ladies look familiar, don't assume they are distant relatives, and ask them if they are your aunties when they really work at the lamp store around the corner from your house.

8. Lucky to see Afrika Bambaataa at Club Six a few years back, and there is no party or energy comparable to how it is like when he is DJing…For reals!!

9. I LOVE THIS!!! He is so fucking awesome live…and it's amazing when Carlos Santana just happens to pop up on stage with him…Shelia E too reprazentin the East Bay!!

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As we were headed out the door last night for top dogs, Nate said, "I bet there's an awesome spread at the Kwan house tonight."
I'll have to tell him it was confirmed.

PS- Divine Intervention on public transit? Classic.
Posted on Tuesday, February 20, 2007 at 12:29 AM

I love your #7. I can just see you doing that too. Thanks for the intro to the wonderful world of Tapioca Express! Yum! I'm so jealous that you go to have Swedish pancakes. We'll have to go together one day for breakfast because Aaron refuses to pay $10 for an omelete! Happy Chinese New Year and long live the Sweet Battery Acid!!!
Posted on Tuesday, February 20, 2007 at 10:24 AM

Hey, that's how we met! You asked me if I was one of your aunties and the truth was we had a class together. The weird part was you asked me that while we were still in class. Posted on Thursday, February 22, 2007 at 6:19 PM

That ain't Lake Minnetonka…Monday, February 05, 2007 - Current mood: i like purple

Amazing how time does fly when you're having fun. Started with going to Milk to check out Oxy Cottontail with the ladies, Liz, Gabriella, Reina, Pauline, and with Errico, Ryan, and Justin….Was a good time of course, and a good set by Vin Sol. Did some thrifting, and alterations, and good granddaughter deeds for my elderly and terminally ill grandparents, and for random strangers at Longs. Had movie day with Tee and Janey in Fremont, watched an uncomfortably slow, Taiwanese film called Three Times, which was about three different love stories, somewhat tied together, in three different time periods, incorporating the same actors. It was okay, liked the soundtrack, seemed a bit culturally awkward to me….Then drinks at Casanova with Hansel, drinks at the LW with Dee, Joey, Anna, and Gerald. Briefly partook in DW's welcome home committee, got a sneak peek of some muscles, and the latest Undrcrwn designs, and let me just say, flaccid Otter Pops and vodka is not so bad….Some pretty good potential job stuff in the works….Shopping party at Liz's, resulted in hot pink leg warmers, some incredibly beautiful vintage Charles Jourdan russet colored tie front ankle boots with matching shearling trim, and two black sporty jackets, and a pixie (which Dee kidnapped from Liz's toy collection and has named Wilfred). J

On my mind this week:

1. The club, flaming hot cheetos, and my Cape Cod drinks are not a good late night combination.
2. I will only refer to Janey as Neve, as is Neve Campbell, from now on.
3. Mentholated.
4. Theresa, you are a brilliant illustrator….yes still anal retentive and perfectionist in execution, but absolutely, positively, and wonderfully on the money.
5. WTF!!! It's been impossible for me to find a Chinese egg custard the past few times!!

6. This is why trailers and the Youtube work for people with ADD like myself.

7. My favorite Beatles song of all time done just right. My god, Prince is the man…

Speaking of Prince…
Prince vs. Charlie Murphy


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WOW!! That is so sweet of you! I know when it's a compliment coming from you that it's fo reals. I'll take you to find some egg custards. And Vietnamese sandwiches. And spicy cold noodles. And drinking within walking distance to a Neiman's. And dancing to follow of course. Love ya girl! =o)
Posted on Monday, February 05, 2007 at 6:54 PM

apparently I need to come here more often! Lady you one sexy muthafucka!
Posted on Tuesday, February 06, 2007 at 5:28 PM

fried chicken head... Monday, January 22, 2007 - Current mood: caffeinated

This week included an impromptu sushi dinner with Kevin and Faith, me being scary red eyed and sick for the majority of the week, wild lunch conversations with my Enterprise focus group, one job interview, some no good shopping, Jesses birthday party at 222 was a good time – so good to catch up with him and Sophie and his crew, and Booty Bassment at the Knockout with Liz, Ryan, Errico, and the ladies, Alice, Staci, Amedee, Pauline, was super, spectacular booty shakin fun in very obscene tiger print pants.

On my mind this week:

1. H & M, you need to carry more of size 2 and XS.
2. My hair came out really blonde this time, so pardon me in advance if I experience a blonder Michelle moment in your presence.
3. Men....hmmmmm
4. Sometimes it is not a blessing to be mistaken for 24.
It is however, a blessing when your father, Rodney, has a NY steak and filet mignon hook up.
5. Mall culture is very interesting. Strip mall culture is even more better interesting.
6. Oh my god, how I used to love Gregg Araki movies!……Parker Posey at her best….

idle gossips....

Nothing like a good before hyphy dance party to top off the week!!

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damn baby you hella exotic lookin'. you blonde asians always do it for me...what school you go to? you 24? wanna be my sugar mama?
Posted by on Tuesday, January 23, 2007 at 6:32 PM

Hahahaha!!!!! Like dejavu Tee, and of course it's always like, "Do I look like the bank?"
Posted on Tuesday, January 23, 2007 at 6:47 PM

Is that a banana phone in your pocket? - Saturday, January 13, 2007 - Current mood: tropical fruity

Coffee talked and shopped with my cousin Jen this week, had drinks with Kim, Dan, Ricky, and Louis at the LW prior. Popscene security banned me from the Chow Nasty party last night cause they found my Cape Cod stash (me trying to be economical) in my make-up bag, sad cause even the band couldn't save me from this one... the situation worked itself out and instead, hung out with Jesses and Brian at 222 – the pizza there was a tasty bonus, and at Edinburgh. So working part time again, which is always nice for the social aspect, and have some other stuff lined up for next week, so all is looking well in that area so far for 2007. Lots of birthday parties, potential ski trips (3) for someone that doesn't snow anything, on the agenda, and hopefully I will shake this cough off soon.

on my mind this week:

  1. Test results for a leg blood clot are positively negative, so surely something else is killing me.
  2. Samantha the cat is uber cute!! J
  3. Dementia.
  4. "Is that a banana phone in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" It is indeed a banana. Just another one of my portable snacks…
  5. Filipino buffet is the best on a cold day.

I can't help but love a good party!!!

  1. I definitely need some R & R, think I'll get a massage this week.

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In response to #5....where's the Filipino buffet at and when are WE going? I've been craving some Filipino food! In response to, life is so tough when you're unemployed huh? ha! ha!

In response to your response to #5 - Filipino buffet is in San Leandro at the strip mall by the old office...Do you wanna meet up for lunch during the week? Let me know...and to #7, my early retirement has been interrupted - my presence was requested, so I'm temping a couple days a week back at the old E!! It's funny how it's like vacation there now...
Posted on Tuesday, January 16, 2007 at 6:37 PM

#1. Yes, something else is killing you indeed. It's called hy·po·chon·dri·a.
Posted by on Friday, January 19, 2007 at 3:58 PM

What's the flan? - Wednesday, January 03, 2007 - Current mood: carmelized sugar

The holidays were intense. Christmas parties and visitors, hospitalized relatives, dinners, birthdays, Japanese New Year and cooking for all of these all while having a chest cold…and still have a pile of gifts under the tree to disperse to those I have yet to see. Portable bar, sparklers, champagne, dancing, chips and guacamole, and cupcakes with built in poppers all made my New Year's Eve at the Chow Nasty house party wonderfully silly fun. I got home that night and realized I had taken home some of the party with me – popper streamers still clinging onto the back of my jacket and hanging off my purse. And am doing some brand consulting for them too this week, and the awesomely nice people at my old job offered me a part-time temp position yesterday, so 2007 hasn't been too bad workwise so far, and so at least I'll have a bit of an income while I continue my job hunt, and won't have to sell off any of my prized possessions.

on my mind this week:

  1. Nyquil is amazing.
  2. leg sonograms are cold and kinda weird…
  3. Menapaws
  4. Can someone check this month's SOMA Magazine and see if me and Jesses are in the Benetton party pictures?
  5. I'm back on chips and salsa. I'm not sure why, but we took a long break from each other.
  6. Flannel sheets are extremely comforting when you have no heat in your home.
  7. Don't let your head run into a parking meter when talking to old friends while walking to La Pinata.
  8. Buy their new album and spin it for Christ's sake!!! Comes out on the 9th!!!

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i checked for us. we aint in there. i think it's cuz our style was too advanced for those squares.
Posted on Saturday, January 06, 2007 at 2:01 PM

Merry Christmas!!! I want COOKIES, I want CANDY!!! LOOK The Runaway Pixie!! - Monday, December 25, 2006 - Current mood: Christmas-ey & geeking out

These are sooooooooooooooo funny! Love it!!

The Kwan Christmas is never complete without a little of this:

Hope Santa is good to everyone this year!!

I wish people sang karaoke while playing DDR…someone please invent this!!! Friday, December 22, 2006 - Current mood: Hippity Hoppity Happy

Transitional would be the best way to describe my 2006. An internship, multiple jobs, lots of socializing, and some adventures and excursions in between. 2006 saw the birth of and M.Editrix, and my contribution to, all projects I'm very happy to be involved in. Met a lot of interesting people, and made some great friends too. Mastered the self portrait, spring roll rolling, and flea market bargaining. Learned how to use a video camera, how to cut video, and about Google's internal site evaluation criteria and techniques. Discovered the Youtube, DHC Cosmetics, and Netflix, which have been life altering for me. Flats were introduced to my wardrobe, and silver was allowed back in it as well, so it has been a year of many, many cha-cha-cha changes!!!

So Liz's and Noel's party dress and stunna shades pizza karaoke b-day bash at Do-re-Mi last night was insanely way too much fun. Some highlights of the night included: Liz working Missy Elliot, Errico's and Reina's singing, Jessica's Kylie Minogue dance moves, Rob's very wild pink air guitar solo, me borrowing Danny's party dress, somehow ending up at someone else's karaoke dance party, then closing down the Mint with the group rocking out to Def Leppard…Was the best time, I'm still beaming!!! And so looking forward to the events of the next week or so!! Whoohooo!! J

on my mind this week:

  1. I love receiving Christmas cards and Christmas card magazines in the mail!!! Thanks everybody!! : )
  2. Always make sure to thoroughly read your Google HR e-mails, so you don't miss their non-extendable deadlines.
  3. I like bearded men and am obsessed with bearded ladies.
  4. Car service and I must be telepathically linked cause when I get tired, limos seem to magically appear to drive Miss Hazy.
  5. "That's just Michelle being Michelle." A very common phrase amongst my friends.
  6. my life felt a little like this this year…

Maybe 2007 will be like this…

7. Just a recap of last night's madness!!! : )

Nutcrackers and muffs... Wednesday, December 13, 2006 - Current mood: chocolate addiction

The FIDM alumni mixer at Rye was a good time. Liz and I did some mixing, thoroughly enjoying the overabundance of chocolate confections and the goodie bags. And apparently the TL loves me so much, that it didn't want me to leave that night either. In front of the Arrowbar, a trap door type of grate thing in the sidewalk decided to attack my foot, the heel of my stiletto getting completely wedged and therefore stuck between its doors. Shoe damaged, but I was okay, after figuring out removing myself from the shoe, then removing the shoe from the grate was the best way to proceed….Then VIP to the Faint show, thanks to Steven. So good to run into Beth there, in the ladies room of all places, which I suppose isn't that unusual since I tend to spend a lot of time in ladies rooms. Liz has become my eye candy date partner for the holidays. She and I put up my tree the other night. She's really good at tree decorating. I was so impressed cause ornament placement does require good legs and a very skillful eye!

So no cavities, but found out I have a blood clot in my leg, and will have to have it sonogram-ized soon. It's not a fatal one, well obviously, since I am writing this, but it probably will be someday thanks to the old Michelley's lifestyle and bad genes. Those naughty genes....Potential job stuff still in the works…learning all sorts of interesting computery/internet stuff…and my home has turned into a Christmas sweatshop since I dabble in homemade gifts. Super duper excited cause of all the visitors I will be having for the holidays, and especially happy to start a new year!!!

on my mind this week:

  1. I've decided Tee is one of my missing personalities, which explains my cell phone bill.
  2. Wasn't it just Thanksgiving?!!
  3. Men in 2006 were interesting.
  4. Decorated the tree to this:

    and this…

  5. Merry Christmas!! I love this!!! Ahhhhh, childhood Sanrio memories of the Nutcracker…

6. I need somewhere special to wear my new muff!!!!

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Good thing we share the same network! -your missing personality
Posted on Monday, December 18, 2006 at 8:23 PM

dressing in excess for suc-cess - Monday, December 04, 2006 - Current mood: hyphy

It's fucking cold! I am wearing Betty Boop pajama pants, an army green parka, a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, a scarf, wool socks, a tan beret, and the most repulsive Uggs, as I write this. I look homeless, and a tad bit crazy, like I'm wearing a get up from Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B. clothing line..... So how do I keep from getting hypothermia in my Victorian home? Well, for one, I drink lots and lots of hot beverages. I also light a ton of candles and cup my hands over them, (as DW witnessed the other day), or I walk over to my space heater, sling one leg over it, and sort of sit and hover until I need to rotate a limb, or I sit in my bed with the bed warmer on the ninth setting. I would set it to ten, but it feels especially immoral at ten, since I suffer from post traumatic stress, a result of my time spent in Catholic school. I am maybe almost employed, but won't know until I am critiqued on my first assignment, so…My neighbor had his roof ripped off in one day…kinda thought it was loud, didn't notice all this was going on a few feet away from me cause I was in sewing mode once again. Making a red wool dress for the holidays, sixties maternity pattern that looks like…well a sixties maternity pattern, so I will have to alter in the very near future. Watched Borat with the fam – thank god that naked hotel scene went quick….I elected to have my eyes closed while the fam screamed in hysterics. Did alterations this week, some e-bay, and ate like a mother bear about to go into hibernation. Worked on perfecting my fried springroll recipe as well as the bubble hem sewing technique. Went to the Alameda Antique Fair yesterday, and bought a Victorian seal fur muff and a hot link. Think I will buy my Christmas tree next week…….

things on my mind this week:

  1. headgear = ski mask vs. beret….vs……in private vs. in public…plus retainer = scary? hmmmm….
  2. my gosh, so many holiday parties!!! I LOVE it!!!!
  3. Amen!!
  4. I want these shoes so sooooooooooooooo bad…to wear to some of these holiday festivities!!! And they are on sale!! Wahhhhhhh!
  5. Borat is really pale and has no tan lines whatsoever.
    which reminds me, I have a dentist appt. thurs………..

Eskimo pie.........Saturday, November 25, 2006 - Current mood: blonde

P class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt">What a way to start off the holidays! Faith's birthday was super fun!!! Drinks and shaking a leg at Bruno's, and her kick ass Korean BBQ recipes were a delight….Then me, Tee and Barry did some southbay booty shakin at Victim, which was a riot and totally needed, since I've been eating like a machine the past couple weeks. Dim sum lunch with the Enterprise crew, job stuff here and there, some ebay, the LW a couple times - funny conversations with the Diaz's about boating, plumbing, and boyfriends, and perfecting my spring roll recipe and rolling (ha! like cigarettes which I used to love doing!!) And international Thanksgiving was a blast with Liz and Joey joining in the Kwan festivities…and the day after was absolute mayhem shopping in Union Square…Wow, I had no idea being unemployed around the holidays could be this much fun! Who knew?!!

things on my mind this week:

  1. Lobster stuffing is the bomb!!!!
  2. Please do not distract me when in and around airports cause I could potentially end up on the freeway or in another country.
  3. Men at work.
  4. Having to dress like an Eskimo in your own home is not a way to bring sexy back.
  5. People singing ukulele duets on Bart about bottles of wine during the holidays is really quite sweet.
  6. .. width="425" height="350">


She has a good point….2007 is gonna be all about feung shui…

(Underwear Drawer video by the Voluptous Horror of Karen Black unfortunately no longer available on the Youtube)


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i'm gonna call you and sing this song to you right now.....
Posted on Saturday, November 25, 2006 at 9:27 PM

Shopgirled.....shopped. - Wednesday, November 15, 2006 - Current mood: cheery

So my career as a Neiman Marcus Shopgirl was a brief one, all of exactly 4 days on the store floor plus 3 days training. I decided retail just isn't for my head and my feet, and have a new appreciation for the millions of people who do it daily. My Mom says I can't be on my feet all day cause I'm flat footed, (my feet have seriously been hurting for 24 hours a day since I started that job - I used to have to wear corrective shoes that looked like big red Doc Martens when I was a wee little girl. The kids called them clown shoes, and I always tripped over my feet, and still kinda do…not quite Forrest Gumpish, but sorta…) Think this explains a lot…my shrink would say the desire to become a fashionista and my shoe fetish stems from this childhood trauma. I did get my Louis Vuitton Petit Noe bag before I left, so I'm actually quite content, despite the fact that now I have to find a new job.

Happy to hang out with Jesse and Sophie at the SOMA/Benetton party, which was typical - no food, dull and dead SF fashion, our MO being the open bar of course…..and then fell asleep on the last train back to the east bay, missed my stop, then had to spend $80 on a cab to get home from Pleasanton…Dee's cocktail party with Tee and the boys was nice and chill, and kept me fed for a few days.Was especially excited to see Lee, since it's been a year, both agreeing we are bad people, since we only live a few cities away from each other, and Joey has given me the assignment of finding him some Cazalesqe stunnas since he soon will be joining the rest of us in the four eyed crew....Unfortunately missed Wes, Jessica, Steve, Stephanie in Sonoma for baby Jocelyn's birthday…Helped Liz style a fashion show at Macy's, and just been trying to stay warm and cozy.

on my mind this week:

  1. .. width="425" height="350">..>

I LOVE this!! Guess I'm much geekier than I had possibly imagined…

  1. Don't fall asleep on BART Michelle!!!
  2. Men are funny bunnies.
  3. Chow Nasty sounds good in Spanish.
  4. I'm addicted to breakfast foods.
  5. Absolut Kurant is really gross.
  6. According to Tee, I have no air in my chart, which means I don't think with my brain.
  7. The Babette is looking mighty fine in her new winter coat.
  8. Uh oh…I'm feeling all dancy…
  9. Taking it back to the old skool……Dance move inspirations……. ; )

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.. width="425" height="350">..>

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AGREED on the Absolut Kurant.
Posted on Wednesday, November 15, 2006 at 2:55 PM

absolut mandarin and absolut peppar is where it's really at.
btw, saw marie antoinette this weekend and loved it- and thought of you : )
Posted on Wednesday, November 15, 2006 at 3:31 PM

What a great song....Juicy....brings back ol' school memories. I really hope you'll bust out some of those dance moves the next time we find ourselves around some music! By the way....did I notice a Corvette at the beginning of the video....
Posted Friday, November 17, 2006 at 4:46 PM
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Oh DMM, or DMMR....those dance moves are just dying to get out!!! Think they made have made it out briefly at Mei's, my East Bay pride always has me reprazentin...and I knew you'd like the Corvette action! ; )
Posted Friday, November 17, 2006 at 4:49 PM

"Think this explains a lot…my shrink would say the desire to become a fashionista and my shoe fetish stems from this childhood trauma. I did get my Louis Vuitton Petit Noe bag before I left, so I'm actually quite content, despite the fact that now I have to find a new job." Did he say what kind of trauma. Mine said that my lack of fashion comes from a too-happy childhood with my father.
Posted on Thursday, November 23, 2006 at 3:12 AM

To Shopgirl or not Shop girl... Sunday, November 05, 2006 - Current mood: wintry

Ironically, last week was my last week of freedom before going back to work, yet somehow it felt like I was in finals week, back in college, with all the scrambling to get my Halloween costume done. I finished it of course, in between being dreamy, and hanging out for a couple days in the southbay with Tee and Jenny and Darrel. Ate a lot in southbay….enjoyed a delicious Eggs Benedict on polenta at a diner and a hearty eggs and bangers at a pub while out there. I went to a very fun and silly passion party, a Chinese wedding banquet for my dear friends Denise and Aaron, and unfortunately made it out to only one place, the LW homebase, (despite the all too many invites!! Eeeeek!), donning my Michelle Antoinette costume.

So I started my new job at Neiman Marcus this week. I'm a Shopgirl, which is kinda endearing and humbling, and kinda funny at the same time. My first retail job. It's interesting from a sociological and psychological standpoint (it's totally like its own country, and the rich people that frequent the place keep me amused), and makes my feet hurt, but the discount is rad at least, and I've made friends with a  ton of the staff… Good to get me off my ass and away from a computer I suppose. Well Coco Chanel started as a shopgirl…definitely will be interesting to see how this pans out!

Speaking of Shopgirl…that Steve Martin, such a rad dirtbag!

Stopped by the Vogue/Nine West event last night at Macy's, since Liz was styling it…drank 3 flutes champagne, had 3 chocolate covered strawberries, and 3 other appetizers…Ran into Becky from high school who was one of the models, and was nice to catch up with her as well.

People love the Zuca so ended up doing a demo of it for some of the guests. All topped off with a burrito at good old Ramiro and Sons when we got back to Alameda.

On my mind this week:

  1. A job and Daylight Savings has saved my internal timeclock.
  2. It is awfully difficult to sit on a barstool while in full 18th century costume.
  3. I rather like men.
  4. I miss Napoleon the most awesome elevator operator at Tattoo…you'll see him if you ever go to the Regency Ballroom for anything…
  5. The Babette is refusing to eat her tuna catfood, and so I'm currently working out a compromise with her.
  6. When I was sewing my costume, my sewing machine gave me a bruise, as I hit my head on it while understitching the lining to the bodice…see what I get for being so detailed oriented!!?!!
  7. The Kohler toilet has been purchased, now just needs to be installed…
  8. I've always liked Das Ich, but could never get the dance moves right to this song…

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Do you do Rococo........such a good name for a pet or a tranny - Monday, October 23, 2006 - Current mood: closet hippie

It was an odd week filled with all sorts of strange and deviant bubbling energy – Sara's visit from Portland really did end up getting a little out of hand, in the best way way possible of course, as I predicted….good thing I was the DD that night…


So this week I got a job at Neiman Marcus, my favorite store (well, tied with the Salvation Army), had my hair cut and colored, worked on my costume (on Watteau {cape} part at the moment) and had movie and burrito date night with my girl Liz.


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And Marie Antoinette was amazing. I wasn't the least bit disappointed, as some critics thought Sofia Coppola's rendition of the Marie Antoinette story was a poor one.   

She really does an incredible job of capturing the mental and emotional essence of human suffering, which I feel is her most outstanding strength as a director. Visually it was great too. Love all the easter pastels, everything looked like petit fours, but I suppose that's just 18th century Rococo fashion for you…one day they'll be saying our current fashions look as dull as computer monitors or something of the like…And the soundtrack, sooooo good. Siouxsie's Hong Kong Garden with the strings intro is absolutely incredible.


I like weeks with pleasantly mild weather, weird conversations, and giggles…and cackles…So glad to have the love of my homegirls!!!! : )


Things on my mind this week:


1. The new Bloomingdales part of the mall is quite overwhelming.


2. Falafels are best with pickles.


3. Funny how ex-boyfriends "borrow" my shower.


4. I'm so going to Bat's Day at Disneyland next August!! I'm so sad I've missed the past three years of it! It's so much fun!! I LOVE it!!! All the Goths meet at Sleeping Beauty's Castle at 1pm and The Haunted House at 8pm for group photos (the video is kinda hokey, but you get the gist)….And weekend of LA goth clubbing prior to with Shoptaw de Chavez Bear. It's the best time!!! 

.. width="425" height="350">..>


5. Most comfortable shoes are devastatingly ugly.


6.  I have become one of those annoying people talking on their cell phones on the steps of Union Square.


7. Dresses are badass. I promise I will make more of you!!!


8. The Babette has some mad hops!!!! ….she jumps over me in bed all the time, (she's like a foot tall, but can jump about three times her height), and it's really quite awesome cause she's so graceful and pretty, and she kinda looks like she is flying…and then after  you can tell she's proud of her very impressive performance. I swear, so cute, it's painful!!


9. I want candy!!!!

Snickers or Teuscher truffles or Fauchon chocolates….ooooo sour power…so yummy!!


10. Trick or Treat?!!!?!!



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Treat, I vote treat!

Good to hear Marie A. isn't as bad as the critics have panned it...

Posted on Monday, October 23, 2006 at 1:25 PM

loveletters and the most interesting mail...Friday, October 13, 2006 - Current mood: splendid

This week was productive. Did the typical job hunting stuff of course, but really just kinda chilled with myself and my isolation (in the creative zone – do not disturb cause runs in phases), which always lends time to nurture the designer tucked away in there when she is not too busy being bossed around by her ADD (see costume photo). Hung out with my grandparents, baked more banana bread. Think I've perfected my recipe. So my next task should be the bread machine I've had for like two years, but haven't used…and I LOVE homemade bread, I just DISLIKE programming anything. The VCR  age was long ago, and I still don't know how to tape off TV…and probably never will… Yes, I'm a technology/gadget phobe in addition to being phobic of midwestern fashion and freeways …worked in my garden, split my orchids…so this is what retirement feels like, eh?…Robles taught me how to install my future Kohler toilet at Mei's wedding, and with our seating arrangements, we somehow turned into the party table thanks to the open bar policy…Sara is visiting for the weekend from Portland, so things will probably get a little out of hand, surely in the best way possible of course.


On my mind this week:


1. My grandparents have a very sweet, but HUGE black dog, it's like 200 lbs and three feet tall, and they said it was a Chow, but I think it is a Shiloh Shepard… I very well like dogs, and it kissed me (it was as tall as me sitting down), and I was terrified for a few very lengthy seconds…

2. Shearling is a wonderfully luxurious material, in black of course.

3. Men are crazy

4. I don't care who is doing coke, please stop.

5. I need some lumpias!!

6. It's so overwhelming…next Friday Marie Antoinette AND Nightmare Before Christmas 3-D both come out!!!

7. I LOVE HALLOWEEN! And people, please stop planning EVERYTHING for the 28th!!!

8. whoa, I just had an 8-track flashback, I totally forgot all about bidis…I used to smoke these instead of cigarettes for "healthier" reasons back in the late nineties…reminded cause I just saw a really hot rhinestone cigarette holder in the latest issue of NYLON …and damn, it would look so good with a pack of rainbow Shermans…..I think I'm gonna start bringing gum candy smokes to the bar so I don't feel left out in the smoking section, and then I can use my vintage cigarette holders again and reclaim my vanity.

9. WTF?!!! What has this world come to when you can't find whips of any sort, not even a riding crop, or even guns at the Halloween store!??!!

10. My cat snores and snorts, and it's the cutest thing ever…now only if she talked in her sleep like boys do.

11. Greetings from Italy (from Jenny and Darrel's trip) arrived in a very, very phallic form this week…

12. A garden wound is a rather noble wound (slice left hand rose pruners)…the battle of the girl and garden continues…

13. the youtube is dangerously funny and addictive, my kind of companion…


.. width="425" height="350">..>

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Oh no.....Aaron tried to teach you how to install a Kohler toilet? Can I be there when you do it just so I can watch the chaos that will occur? Ha! Ha! Actually, maybe I'm better off staying at home. =)
Posted on Friday, October 13, 2006 at 3:44 PM

out of pocket... Tuesday, October 03, 2006 - Current mood: hungry

Somehow being unemployed makes that Louis Vuitton Petit Noe bag seem so much more attractive…and so the job hunt continues…Friday at the LW was a roar of a time with Dee, Roco, and Julia…will be so sad when Roco goes back to Japan, which will be in a few days….it occurred to me I still have my teenage crush on Henry Rollins, found a ton of his material on the you tube, and then I realized he really has just gotten better with age, and that he is really funny….. width="425" height="350">


Completely useless on Saturday due to the most wretched hangover, I spent the day in a ball on my couch, and sadly missed Tom's Grace Jones themed b-day party : ( …So I am on my way to wellness, which makes me happy, since the past couple weeks were slightly miserable in terms of my respiratory system lending to a horrible lingering lethargy thing. Got to hang out with Christine and Sergio, and their fam last night. So good to catch up with CDC Bear, and learned all about Sergio's Youtube favorites including Hocico (so excited about them, they are really, really good!!!) and Criss Angel. So birthdays, weddings, and lunches this week to follow…

on my mind this week:

1. Dr. Bronners, what do I do?….my lungs like you, but my skin hates you…

2. Marie Antoinette costume is pending…where are my fairy godmother and my mice sweatshop?

3. funny remarks about nakedness from funny people

4. My uncle insists I buy a new Kohler toilet…

5. I'm suffering from Vietnamese eggroll withdrawal…

6. So happy it's fall and my fur collection can come out of hiding…

7. I miss burritos…

8. Suspenders and garter belts rule!!!

9. unemployment sends me into a very intense phase of internet fashion history research……today, I think I will look up 18th century pockets…

10. I like watching cable at other people's houses….

hairballs and tea bags... Monday, September 25, 2006 - Current mood: congested

Last week marked the beginning of Dee's B-day celebration, including dinner at Catch in the Castro. She and I both enjoyed an excellent seafood stew there, then ended up at the LW twice, once with Dee's crew and then with Jenny and Darrel and Matt, since they just got back from Italy…so nice and bearing gifts too, brought me back a very pretty amber colored beaded Venetian glass necklace….Laney flea market, where I proceeded to eat a chili cheese dog, part of a churro, and then a cerviche. Then for dinner that night, hot pot with Joey, Dee, Jenny, and Jeff. A very fun and cultural day, as my Sundays usually are. Like all things good, the fun eventually had to come to an end, and alas, I got the flu on monday…So between job hunting, I slept a lot this week, watched the most amazing documentary on PBS about Warhol, went into to the city to speak to 24/7, caught up with Jesses for a quick sec, ate German food with the fam for Dee's b-day, and baked Banana breads for the fam as well and went to a baby shower…sadly, I missed all of SF's Loveparading due to degenerate lungs. Tee was back and now she is off again to Japan, and happy cause Christine and Sergio will be visiting at the end of the week and hopefully then I will be back to my old hearty self….This week's obsessions include: red lipstick, green nail polish and making my own potion for beachy tousled hair…

Cake baking and stir frying are not the same as making spaghetti - Friday, September 15, 2006 - Current mood: sore

Tee is back, thank god. Back to job hunting, and making a very elaborate Marie Antoinette costume for Halloween. Nice to see friends again, Liz and Matt the other day..Danny and I did our neighborhood update for a quick sec, and then Dee's crew last night at Popscene for her 25th b-day. Makes me feel sooooo old, but in the most endearing way…The kids are cute, much not nearly as well dressed as they were in my prime Popscene days in college…It's a shame San Francisco doesn't appreciate fashion all that much. It's a town too busied and preoccupied with being politically and technologically correct to actually savor real aesthetics or even have a sense of humor about it. It does have the best metropolitan skyline though. So I've been a stay-at-home mom of sorts the past couple weeks..spending lots of time with the fam and the animals, still waking up extremely early for someone who doesn't have to be at a job, been cooking up a storm for everyone, and eating up a storm as well. Looks like Pammy may be returning shortly…I dislike gyms and practically all types of exercise, except for maybe hula hoping, so I've resorted again to jumping/dancing around my house for an hour to my fave dance tunes in my workout regalia…thinking about starting a blog on, deciding on its logistics…Watched Wood Allen's, "Play it Again Sam" a few nights ago. Liked it, always liked his movies eventhough he kinda annoys me, but actually was more inspired by the late seventies fashions of the movie..hello handlebars!!! Then watched Casa Blanca and was floored…that Bogart, such a brute of a man, a total defense mechanism on legs. Love it. I made more stir fried chicken and broccoli, chicken and snow pea mushroom stirfry, and split pea soup, and fancy cupcakes from Magnolia's, and just baked another cake for my sister. Would like to see Chow Nasty open for the Suicide Girls Show, bummer cause heard sold out…tried to get fee tics from Independent…would be nice. Less addicted to the youtube this week, and more addicted to stir frying and cake baking, and other mystical things.

Method Acting & ReCreation.…Wednesday, September 06, 2006 - Current mood: satisfied

I did some things out of character within the past week. Firstoff, I quit my job last Friday without anything lined up. I decided, after falling down on Market and 1st with all my equipment (divine intervention I should say), that my time with the company had come to a close, so I quit the next day, imbibing coffee with Sophie, and a fairly expensive, celebratory mimosa lunch with myself shortly thereafter. In the process I had reclaimed my happiness, my health and my social life. Never again will these three entities be sacrificed for a business endeavor not owned by yours truly.

The second thing I did out of character was that I joined Netflix. Im not against it, but I just thought it would be rare for me to watch a ton movies since Im not in a state of coupledom, but I'm rather enjoying this bonding time with myself and my nail polish collection.

The third out of character thing that I am experiencing is an uncontrollable craving for tomato based products, which normally only reach palette heights of mediocrity for me.

Im getting kinda excited about all this new, spontaneous behavior. Not related, but I'm also excited cause I learned all about Damascence the other day at the Alameda Antique Fair, since I had picked up a couple jewelry pieces of it here and there. Apparently it is made in Spain and Japan, and the process includes tiny pieces of gold and silverleaf that are placed into small carvings on a piece of jewelry, then heat sealed, often in a landscape or geometrical design. Its so cool, and Im totally intrigued cause now I have a new thing to collect and hunt for.

I guess I feel a sense of accomplishment. I got out of a very unhealthy job situation before it entirely consumed me, and now Im moving forward towards another phase in my career. Not quite sure what it is yet, but I am hopeful, and now I have time and the heart to enjoy and savor the things I really love.

Halleluiah! I'm back and my appetite is back as well!! (Just ate Lucky Charms, a caprese sandwich, a cinnamon raisin english muffin, and some shrimp cocktail). Whether I have to lie, cheat or steal, I will never work myself out of an appetite again!! Okaaaaay!


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Good for you! What you've done takes guts.
Posted on Thursday, September 07, 2006 at 9:45 AM

QC..........Current mood: thoughtful - Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My life has turned into my job. Love the job, but miss my sanity, or the bit of it I had at one point. Vegas was a good time. Saw the most grossly fascinating boob job on a sixty year old woman at Mandalay Bay. They were like dribbling basketballs underneath her shirtand had a 2lb. corn beef/pastrami sandwich with the DeeCame out even, and yes, I did use my slot machine feeling technique. Looked at Louis Vuitton Petite Noe and some Judith Leiber, very 18th century sunglasses, but turned them both downbeen so disciplined lately by intuitionsorta funny or ironic I suppose. Had a wonderful birthday meal at Hana Zen with Sophie the other night and a delicious chocolate raspberry cocktail concoction at XYZ bar to top off the delicate sushi and sojou dinner, and I think sojou with ume is a divine drink. I love it!!! There are so many things that I miss these daysfriends, an abundant social life, shopping sprees, a overly healthy appetite, creative projects, sacrificed, and yet its been quite an educational experience to see how much you appreciate these things when their presence is severely lessenedLessoned: What doesnt kill you makes you stronger, and what doesnt satiate you furthers your graciousness.

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mandalay bay: a mecca for the strange.
Posted on Wednesday, August 30, 2006 at 11:35 PM

Pammy on hiatus.....- Sunday, August 06, 2006 - Current mood: indescribable

The past few weeks have been a little insane, which I should totally be used to I suppose, as the past 3 years of my life have been likewise. Working about 7 days a week, finishing up my last weeks at Enterprise and working lots and lots OT at Tattoo. Anyone wanna be in a focus group this Thursday about luxury hotel travel in "classy " Las Vegas?!! Let me know, seriously...Estatic to have finally gotten my haircut and colored, same, but turned out a little darker this time..just a little less Pamela Anderson, which has been the Dees pet name for me the past couple months. Not feeling so Pammy as I lost 4 pounds this week without even trying, from working, thus losing part of my Pammy assets. And I will be going to Vegas soon, a 2 day trip with the fam, so should be fun, a much needed vacation! Made it out to Christle's going away party last night at the LWfun, but sad, and fit in a little shopping todaythe pink Ferragamo tiger striped goulashes I bought today for winter are killer!!! September awaits, and so happy to get some friends back: Pacey and Kevin are moving back from teaching English in Korea, Liz will be coming back from her bi-coastal lifestyle in NY, T will be flying back from Portugal, and Joe is coming to visit, so it has been rumored. The fall/winter fashions for 2006 look really, really good. This makes me incredibly happy and slightly sick, er, or maybe just a bit over stimulated.

Roses are read……Monday, July 24, 2006 - Current mood: hot

My Birthday week has been so much fun! Got manis/pedis and dinner with Mei and the Dee the other dayall excited about my fuchsia low-rider color nailsFriday went to Joeys art opening all in my nineties style gear think rayon and bright contrasting prints - above the Mission Thrift Town..His installation was the best for sure, absolutely loved it! Very Joey-esque with the mini piano, the green foam stuff and the scooter .Then headed to Cassanova and Delirium afterdidnt drink that much, but still ended up with a hangover Saturday morning prior to going back into the city to work for a few hours at TATTOO. Saturdays heat along with todays has been unbearable, with me existing in an overheated, mentally exhausted state from doing nothing. My birthday party at the Hush Hush was uber duper fun! Thanks everyone for making it out! The car ride home was a little intense, 1 ½ hours of traffic before the bridge, and I was astounded to find out Jack in the Box was actually closed at 4:30am this morningJust got back from dinner with Danny, my oldest male friend (known him 16 years!!!), and some nice, delightful person has left me a dozen red roses on my coffee tablehmmm, I wonder who the culprit is. Think a palindrome might have something to do with this mischief...

Blame the heat…..Tropic of Capricorn…. Monday, July 17, 2006 - Current mood: amused

The past couple weeks has been a little nuts LW with Kim and Ricki last monday, so much fun and just CRAZY!! Ha! ; ) Absinthe with Ashkan on wednesday, chill and delish. Popscene with my sis thursday was super fun, and the DJs were really good that night..played lots of old stuff..well, was fun until I heard the next day one of the party got attacked..ouch!! Friday was so, so, so tired. Saturday was Wan Shens Housewarming/B-day BBQ Watching drunken slip and slide was a little scary, but funny..the Remy was a nice perk and the sake mojitos were excellent.and oh the conversationsjust hilarious!!! Everyone in Wan Shens clothes, was like Being John Malkovich, err Wan Shen for a few hours. Planned my birthday party the other tonight, and am super excited and went shopping . got some really cool prada-esque shoes, a pair of electric blue Burberry sunglasses, a cashmere sweater, a bag, and some silly pink tiger print cole haan nike clog commuter things.. Then swooped by Mighty the other day for their BBQ with Jesses and Dan. the bratwurst was great, the ice cream and coffee at 11pm, not so great. Ran into one of my high school dance dates on the train..funny how he recognized me, blonde hair and all, the antithesis of my high school self, half-sleeping on the bart train. Weird. Hung out with Isis, Chad and Josh yesterday.ate a hella good sandwich at Genova and discovered how good us girls are at the World Series of Pop sad...Ate dim sum with the fam this morning (where I randomly ran into skater Simon from the old school and my cousin and her husband) followed by the Laney college flea market. Got the most pimpin jacket there. has real fur CHECKBOARD collar and cuffs. its AMAZING!!!! Oh my god, what am I going to wear to my party?!!!!? Got some real serious issues to tackle this week! ; )

My Serious Issue List:

  1. What to wear to my B-day party on Saturday that will be feline-esque
  2. Work Stuff
  3. Passive aggressive people that wanted me to ask them something, but decides to publicly insult my taste in movies instead of being nice to me.
  4. New haircolor?
  5. Finding a movie I havent seen before that I wont have to stop watching midway because it is so god damn boring.
  6. Marie Antoinette by Sofia Coppola Hurry up and come out already!! Im getting totally ansty!
  7. My car is dusty and needs a good washing, but I know it wont get rinsed until it rains again.
  8. One of my best friends is going to give birth any day now.
  9. Thats right, Im going to Vegas next month and will die of spontaneous combustion there.
  10. I like bananas and I never did before. This primal behavior scares me, Im totally regressing

i miss the 1990's!!!!!! all nostalgic and shit this week! - Monday, July 03, 2006 - Current mood: nerdy

I realized I was officially old this weekend. Had drinks friday night at the LW with Jenny, Darrel, Matt, my sis, Amy, Drew...the end turned into this silly hugging session...yes, even I am quite the hippie sometimes, and then saturday morning realized the alcohol made my face puffy...ick. and sad...Missed Kim's b-day mission bar hopping cause feeling under and then I watched Pride and Prejudice last night while I manicured/pedicured myself. Thought it was cute, in that Jane Austen, dramatic twist of fate sorta way...slightly annoyed by Kiera Knightly's awkward, longingly glances..she was so cute as a soccer player in Bend it Like Beckham, not quite Austen material, and actually she really reminds me of Wynona Ryder....Working on feng shui-ing my purse collection this week and successfully organized my magazine collection last week, so i am quite the happy camper. yes, Tee, you are right. I really have been feng shui-ing since the ninties...and I'm totally going through a nineties phase this week. Remember Atari Teenage Riot?!! God, they were so rad!!! Yes, I'm totally ready for some violent music to hit the scene again. So tired of everything being so lacy...Good violent music and a clean house top the wishlist this week...oh yeah, totally addicted to the youtube too. Have Sergio to thank for that one...


3:22 PM - 1 Comments - 2 Kudos -
Have you ever seen Kiera Knightley interviews? That girl is on crack! She does have the Wynona Ryder eyes though. Where's Wynona at? Come on back girl, we forgive ya!
Posted on Tuesday, July 04, 2006 at 3:17 AM

Sweatshopping...Monday, June 26, 2006 - Current mood: cheerful

LA was so much much fun! Was great hanging out with Christine and Sergio in LA LA land...Really, really good and fucking spooky ghosts and witchcraft stories, lots of humping attention from their mini doxson, Hercules, lots of thrifting, she took me to this humongus Aadvarks in Pasadena which was cool. Found some great 80's and 9o's pieces, and for sure the best find though was the gold mesh fanny pack! well, actaully the tiered cotton/lurex rainbow/leopard skirt I found is pretty rad too!! Went to a B-day party at the Crescent in Beverly Hills, which was very pretty, and had great food, yummy smores, but soooooo very west LA...then ended at up the Brass Monkey (karoke bar) in K-town for hella crazy ass fun karoke. Shopped in Chinatown and Olvera Street, and then was glad to come home to decent air quality and bearable weather. Was really hot and humid in LA this weekend. Christine's and Sergio's house is immaculate, so I am inspired to feng shui my house this week!! So I am going to organize my magazine collection right now I think...


6:01 PM - 2 Comments - 2 Kudos -
Feng shui is neat.
Posted on Tuesday, June 27, 2006 at 3:54 PM

Hon, you've been "feng shui-ing" since 1998...
Posted on Monday, July 03, 2006 at 2:36 PM

abuse of the....Sunday, June 18, 2006 - Current mood: giggly

I think my social life has a life of its own sometimes...I'm going to LA on friday more socializing, ha! I will miss you Tee when you leave me for that natual Portuguese place. You are such a doll! Very fond of plaid and carbohydrates this week! And Liz and Eddy, I will miss you guys so much too! Bastards! Happy Father's Day to all BDs.....Tonight was fun with the crew. Sometimes you just have to do La Pinata late night syle...There goes my no midnght snack rule...I'm so BUSTED!


2:11 AM - 1 Comments - 0 Kudos -

AAwwww that is so sweet of you M! Did you get my voicemail message? Give Christine my love and have loads of fun in Hell-A. I will see you in a few months. Yes, it is all about plaid this fall/winter06. Mr. Furley did it proper!Love ya xxx
Posted on Thursday, June 22, 2006 at 11:48 PM

234...i should be sleeping! - Sunday, June 04, 2006 - Current mood: energetic

My god, today has been a really long downtown, Christle's grad party at Jillian's, Hosue of Shileds and then Stork Club to see The Chow Nasties...i totally can't spell rtight now and i can't read funny...was a really fun night! and still have the rest of sunday thank god. hope it's not too hot...i should be sleeping, but i think the emergency i just took gave me a tenth wind..or something like that. fuck it. i'm going shopping now. Need clothes for Vegas....Christle, if you ever read this, just remember: Sandy Vagina! ha, cackle...Ciao Bella!

Theresa, don't talk to strangers.........Tuesday, May 30, 2006 - Current mood: sick

Wow, D Dubs and Ericcos b-day party was sooooooo much fun! So much fun that I left Lukas that night in quite a state with jacket lostand it's still lost. Ended up at across the street for the Wilson/Coppola afterparty and was back in my bed (across the street) sometime around 5 am that morning, waking up with a little hangover from Heathers bomb ass sangria....The Chow Nasty/Lovemakers show at Bimbos was a good time as usual cause of CN of course. Sorry to have missed CN at the Onion party, sounded like so much fun, but our Dee was nursing a bad cold. Got my hair did the other day by my sweetie Edwin, did a little shopping on Tgraph and ate some good, but messy (was in my car) naan and curry . Isis' baby shower was amazing. Great food, best collard greens I ever had, and super cool too cause they had a henna tattoo artist doing mendhi. I couldn't resist, got my hands done, traditional mendhi bands with floral and leaf motifs. I think it's so beautiful. It's really fucking cool, and I've always wanted to do it, so I'm super satisfied. Finally went to the tiki bar with Tee the other night. I LOVE it!!! Reminds me of Disneyland inside, really cool. Was bummed that they dont serve their drinks in pineapples, ( I had to ask cause there were rumors) but I guess like they say, if its too good to be true, it prolly is, right? They close at midnight, so we ended up at LW and then Juanitas. it was a long night, think I went to bed around 4am, but so much fun, and just great to be able to kick it with Tee before she runs off to the Azors(think thats how you spell it).BBQ b-day party yesterday with the family and was stood up as I typed this cause I ate way too damn much. ribs, sliders, potato salad, green salad, chicken, bratwurst, empanadas, chow mein, deviled eggs, chips dip salsa, fried bananas, ice creamand had a night cap of some more of it about 30 minutes ago.met one writing deadline, working on another and am totally sick now, knew Dee's cold would eventually get me and busy doing my usual busy things like cleaning my house that never gets clean.Watched Auntie Mame (Rosalind Russel one of course) the other night to unwind, one of the Kwan favorites. Funny cause I think us children all sorta turned out like her: Eccentric. Can you imagine, one day I'll be someone's auntie! Hope the kid has earmuffs.

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