Monday, April 16, 2007

Have you seen my rabbit? - Wednesday, March 07, 2007- Current mood: sensitive teeth

Before going back to work…President's day consisted of an all day tour of SF for Ingrid visiting from Portland. Started with an amazing Pacific Heights breakfast of yoghurt pancakes, omelets, bacon (the bestest!!) and mimosas and bloody Marys, compliments of our fabulous chef, Adrian. Shopping followed in the Fillmore and in Union Square, topped off with Kitty's that evening as well. Then started my new job, which I really like so far. It's so nice to be back and working in the city again, and especially nice to not have to pay out of pocket for health insurance anymore….The weekend had included Anne's and Eric's big hotel crashing birthday bash, which was wildly entertaining to say the least, and really a lot of fun! Watched Hollywoodland with the fam, which was slow and depressing, but was quite interesting, especially since Time Warner is now my employer. The incestuous relationships and power struggles between the actors, studios, agents, etc. within the television/film industry, and in old Hollywood in particular, are absolutely twisted and insane to me…all politics…and grotesquely fascinating…anyhow the White Elephant sale was a spectacular time with the Dee and Amy, saw Ryan's head race through the accessories section, greeting Liz freshly off her NY plane, with a pink velvet turban. Found a lot of rad day glow pieces, and more accessories than I needed to buy, but the best part was the delicious chile and cheese tamale during our snack break, and fresh squeezed Myers lemons lemonade too! Oh gosh, then saturday was crazy fun! Went to the Royal Oak, an engagement party, then over to The 500 Club (where Sophie accidentally cozied up to a Jesse lookalike), and then Zeitgeist ($2 homefries are so great at 1am) with Jesse, Sophie, Dan, Matt, and Alan. Dee and I went to the Oakland carnival beside the freeway yesterday. …I munched on a hand dipped corn dog and nachos while she shot photos….Does it get any more fun than this?!! Well, I have a little feeling that summer glee will come prematurely this year with the early arrival of daylight savings…

On my mind this week:

1. It seems that working fulltime always increases my appetite.

2. Cement

3. Help!! I'm addicted to soup!! Hot n'sour, noodle, menudo, wonton, shark fin, bird nest, tomato, turkey, clam chowder, porridge…

4. Vicks Vapo-Rub is my new best friend.


This is so funny…well they do call it the happiest place on earth!!


Psychedelic man!! Love it!!

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