Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Real trannies don’t have hips…April 17, 2007 - Current mood: Content

The past couple weeks of extreme socializing have left me exhausted, but very happy and strangely somehow healthy. Started with Moua’s birthday party, then 111 Minna after where this random guy decided to sit next to me, and what happened next still has me feeling a bit traumatized. (Keep in mind here I was wearing a very fitted vintage sixties cocktail dress, in silk crepe, a kind of fabric that clings to the hips, and the same amount of make-up I always wear.) So he kept asking me how old I was, which I told him, then he kept telling me I looked 22, said I had a nice face, then asked me if I was a girl…and THEN proceeded to buy me a drink that I didn’t ask for, that was 50% correct in body because he didn’t let me finish my sentence. And then kept saying over and over that we should go to Vessel…then this guy got freaked out by Ryan, thought he was my boyfriend, saying he gave him the evil eye….This is when Liz and I kindly made our escape to the dancefloor thanks to Dylan the DJ who saved us with New Order’s Bizarre Love Triangle, which was actually quite representative of that very awkward and ill-fated moment. Later in the week there were drinks at the LW with Theresa, Ryan P., Jenny, Jeff, Dee, Melinda, Amy….Then Gia and Gemma’s bounce house Tinkerbell birthday party across the street at Dean and Rene’s … Actually had to do the party in 2 shifts with a nap in between. On Easter, decorated Easter eggs with the fam, enjoying Easter brunch, and Easter dinner and ate, and ate and ate. After Easter more amazing meals followed, and included a wonderful dinner of Chinese Oxtail soup and Toro (fatty tuna) and Korean BBQ in West O with the fam, Thai Osha with Mei, and Ruby Skye for a media work related event (Harrah’s/ Harvey’s Lake Tahoe) and enjoyed a nice mini cabaret show and buzz that I took with me later to an art show in Jack London.

On my mind this week:

1. I have yet to go there, but Vessel does not look fun. Not my idea of a hyphy time. For work however, David and I are considering maybe planning a corporate event there.
2. People slang all sorts of stuff at the Laney college flea market, but last Sunday was the first time we were approached with Chiuauas….so painfully cute, and a painful $250 a pop…er a pup! Have you ever met my friend corny Collins…..
3. Bootybassment is sooooo on on Saturday!!! Yess!!! I’m so EXCITED I already know what pants I’m gonna wear!!!!
4. The best part of the week though was when M.I.S.S. Liz informed me of a write up my Sunday M.I.S.S. Crew Beauty blog posting received on the Around the Way Girls blog, which is awesome and informative in the ways of fashion and pop culture. Really feels good to know people enjoy and appreciate what I do. Thanks so much Radio Rose!! 

5. The flea market was crazy yesterday. Something funny I overheard was:
I had said outloud to my sister, “It smells like pot right here.” Passing right next to us was a middle aged couple. The wife said, “It smells like a skunk.” The husband replied, “That’s not a skunk, that’s grass.” Guess you had to be there.

6. Jungle juice and the bounce house are a very fun, yet tiring combination, and is best when you live across the street.

7. I LOVE this video cause it’s so cute, and Peaches is so much fun, and our Joey is in it too…And JD from Le Tigre, now she is a fo’REAL tranny.


Funny how things don’t change much….There will always be Bunny Bixlers and Muriel Peuses, but there is only one Auntie Mame….a favorite of the all the Kwans.

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