Monday, April 16, 2007

dressing in excess for suc-cess - Monday, December 04, 2006 - Current mood: hyphy

It's fucking cold! I am wearing Betty Boop pajama pants, an army green parka, a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, a scarf, wool socks, a tan beret, and the most repulsive Uggs, as I write this. I look homeless, and a tad bit crazy, like I'm wearing a get up from Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B. clothing line..... So how do I keep from getting hypothermia in my Victorian home? Well, for one, I drink lots and lots of hot beverages. I also light a ton of candles and cup my hands over them, (as DW witnessed the other day), or I walk over to my space heater, sling one leg over it, and sort of sit and hover until I need to rotate a limb, or I sit in my bed with the bed warmer on the ninth setting. I would set it to ten, but it feels especially immoral at ten, since I suffer from post traumatic stress, a result of my time spent in Catholic school. I am maybe almost employed, but won't know until I am critiqued on my first assignment, so…My neighbor had his roof ripped off in one day…kinda thought it was loud, didn't notice all this was going on a few feet away from me cause I was in sewing mode once again. Making a red wool dress for the holidays, sixties maternity pattern that looks like…well a sixties maternity pattern, so I will have to alter in the very near future. Watched Borat with the fam – thank god that naked hotel scene went quick….I elected to have my eyes closed while the fam screamed in hysterics. Did alterations this week, some e-bay, and ate like a mother bear about to go into hibernation. Worked on perfecting my fried springroll recipe as well as the bubble hem sewing technique. Went to the Alameda Antique Fair yesterday, and bought a Victorian seal fur muff and a hot link. Think I will buy my Christmas tree next week…….

things on my mind this week:

  1. headgear = ski mask vs. beret….vs……in private vs. in public…plus retainer = scary? hmmmm….
  2. my gosh, so many holiday parties!!! I LOVE it!!!!
  3. Amen!!
  4. I want these shoes so sooooooooooooooo bad…to wear to some of these holiday festivities!!! And they are on sale!! Wahhhhhhh!
  5. Borat is really pale and has no tan lines whatsoever.
    which reminds me, I have a dentist appt. thurs………..

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