Saturday, April 14, 2007

new season = new hair.....Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Kira's visit was insane. We had planned on a nice peaceful day at Moss Beach...Iomi was late picking me up cause she went to help a friend whose car was broken into the night before in West O, I forgot my wallet at home, we kept driving in the wrong direction until Lea called us and told us Kira had to take her mom to the emergency room. While in plan purgatory, we waited in good old Hayward, where we were harassed by panhandlers and other riff raff at a stripmall. And then Iomi locked her keys in her car. Luckily there was a gas station/car wash nearby and the attendant helped get the keys out. So she dropped me off at home, and went to check on one of her East Bay Rat buddies who had been hit by a car driven by his friend the night before...Total weird drama on 9/11...Finally, we were all able to hook up for dinner at Bocce in North Beach that night with everyone and all was well...So last week was the official start of my sister's 23rd birthday celebration...On wednesday, the girls and I took her out to The Townhouse in Emeryville for dinner and friday was the big party at Adrian's. I wasn't planning on getting drunk wednesday, but the bartender at The Townhouse felt otherwise...Same story friday with Adrian's absolutely amazing sangria. The party was great! I contributed a carbonera pasta dish, and Lee and I were finally able to get our bonding time. We had the best conversation about the banned book section at his work, the B & N, and about our ongoing job searches. Got new hair on saturday. It's now chestnut brown with short Audrey Hepburnish bangs... Spent lots of time cleaning, and on the phone, little time going out. Starting reading the Da Vinci Code too. It's been a great book so far. Reads much faster than the Devil Wears Prada. God, looking back, that book was so poorly written. Reading it was like torture! So in all, it was a pretty constructive weekend. I for sure need more like these!!!

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