Monday, April 16, 2007

To Shopgirl or not Shop girl... Sunday, November 05, 2006 - Current mood: wintry

Ironically, last week was my last week of freedom before going back to work, yet somehow it felt like I was in finals week, back in college, with all the scrambling to get my Halloween costume done. I finished it of course, in between being dreamy, and hanging out for a couple days in the southbay with Tee and Jenny and Darrel. Ate a lot in southbay….enjoyed a delicious Eggs Benedict on polenta at a diner and a hearty eggs and bangers at a pub while out there. I went to a very fun and silly passion party, a Chinese wedding banquet for my dear friends Denise and Aaron, and unfortunately made it out to only one place, the LW homebase, (despite the all too many invites!! Eeeeek!), donning my Michelle Antoinette costume.

So I started my new job at Neiman Marcus this week. I'm a Shopgirl, which is kinda endearing and humbling, and kinda funny at the same time. My first retail job. It's interesting from a sociological and psychological standpoint (it's totally like its own country, and the rich people that frequent the place keep me amused), and makes my feet hurt, but the discount is rad at least, and I've made friends with a  ton of the staff… Good to get me off my ass and away from a computer I suppose. Well Coco Chanel started as a shopgirl…definitely will be interesting to see how this pans out!

Speaking of Shopgirl…that Steve Martin, such a rad dirtbag!

Stopped by the Vogue/Nine West event last night at Macy's, since Liz was styling it…drank 3 flutes champagne, had 3 chocolate covered strawberries, and 3 other appetizers…Ran into Becky from high school who was one of the models, and was nice to catch up with her as well.

People love the Zuca so ended up doing a demo of it for some of the guests. All topped off with a burrito at good old Ramiro and Sons when we got back to Alameda.

On my mind this week:

  1. A job and Daylight Savings has saved my internal timeclock.
  2. It is awfully difficult to sit on a barstool while in full 18th century costume.
  3. I rather like men.
  4. I miss Napoleon the most awesome elevator operator at Tattoo…you'll see him if you ever go to the Regency Ballroom for anything…
  5. The Babette is refusing to eat her tuna catfood, and so I'm currently working out a compromise with her.
  6. When I was sewing my costume, my sewing machine gave me a bruise, as I hit my head on it while understitching the lining to the bodice…see what I get for being so detailed oriented!!?!!
  7. The Kohler toilet has been purchased, now just needs to be installed…
  8. I've always liked Das Ich, but could never get the dance moves right to this song…

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