Sunday, April 15, 2007

Blame the heat…..Tropic of Capricorn…. Monday, July 17, 2006 - Current mood: amused

The past couple weeks has been a little nuts LW with Kim and Ricki last monday, so much fun and just CRAZY!! Ha! ; ) Absinthe with Ashkan on wednesday, chill and delish. Popscene with my sis thursday was super fun, and the DJs were really good that night..played lots of old stuff..well, was fun until I heard the next day one of the party got attacked..ouch!! Friday was so, so, so tired. Saturday was Wan Shens Housewarming/B-day BBQ Watching drunken slip and slide was a little scary, but funny..the Remy was a nice perk and the sake mojitos were excellent.and oh the conversationsjust hilarious!!! Everyone in Wan Shens clothes, was like Being John Malkovich, err Wan Shen for a few hours. Planned my birthday party the other tonight, and am super excited and went shopping . got some really cool prada-esque shoes, a pair of electric blue Burberry sunglasses, a cashmere sweater, a bag, and some silly pink tiger print cole haan nike clog commuter things.. Then swooped by Mighty the other day for their BBQ with Jesses and Dan. the bratwurst was great, the ice cream and coffee at 11pm, not so great. Ran into one of my high school dance dates on the train..funny how he recognized me, blonde hair and all, the antithesis of my high school self, half-sleeping on the bart train. Weird. Hung out with Isis, Chad and Josh yesterday.ate a hella good sandwich at Genova and discovered how good us girls are at the World Series of Pop sad...Ate dim sum with the fam this morning (where I randomly ran into skater Simon from the old school and my cousin and her husband) followed by the Laney college flea market. Got the most pimpin jacket there. has real fur CHECKBOARD collar and cuffs. its AMAZING!!!! Oh my god, what am I going to wear to my party?!!!!? Got some real serious issues to tackle this week! ; )

My Serious Issue List:

  1. What to wear to my B-day party on Saturday that will be feline-esque
  2. Work Stuff
  3. Passive aggressive people that wanted me to ask them something, but decides to publicly insult my taste in movies instead of being nice to me.
  4. New haircolor?
  5. Finding a movie I havent seen before that I wont have to stop watching midway because it is so god damn boring.
  6. Marie Antoinette by Sofia Coppola Hurry up and come out already!! Im getting totally ansty!
  7. My car is dusty and needs a good washing, but I know it wont get rinsed until it rains again.
  8. One of my best friends is going to give birth any day now.
  9. Thats right, Im going to Vegas next month and will die of spontaneous combustion there.
  10. I like bananas and I never did before. This primal behavior scares me, Im totally regressing

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