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Do you do Rococo........such a good name for a pet or a tranny - Monday, October 23, 2006 - Current mood: closet hippie

It was an odd week filled with all sorts of strange and deviant bubbling energy – Sara's visit from Portland really did end up getting a little out of hand, in the best way way possible of course, as I predicted….good thing I was the DD that night…


So this week I got a job at Neiman Marcus, my favorite store (well, tied with the Salvation Army), had my hair cut and colored, worked on my costume (on Watteau {cape} part at the moment) and had movie and burrito date night with my girl Liz.


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And Marie Antoinette was amazing. I wasn't the least bit disappointed, as some critics thought Sofia Coppola's rendition of the Marie Antoinette story was a poor one.   

She really does an incredible job of capturing the mental and emotional essence of human suffering, which I feel is her most outstanding strength as a director. Visually it was great too. Love all the easter pastels, everything looked like petit fours, but I suppose that's just 18th century Rococo fashion for you…one day they'll be saying our current fashions look as dull as computer monitors or something of the like…And the soundtrack, sooooo good. Siouxsie's Hong Kong Garden with the strings intro is absolutely incredible.


I like weeks with pleasantly mild weather, weird conversations, and giggles…and cackles…So glad to have the love of my homegirls!!!! : )


Things on my mind this week:


1. The new Bloomingdales part of the mall is quite overwhelming.


2. Falafels are best with pickles.


3. Funny how ex-boyfriends "borrow" my shower.


4. I'm so going to Bat's Day at Disneyland next August!! I'm so sad I've missed the past three years of it! It's so much fun!! I LOVE it!!! All the Goths meet at Sleeping Beauty's Castle at 1pm and The Haunted House at 8pm for group photos (the video is kinda hokey, but you get the gist)….And weekend of LA goth clubbing prior to with Shoptaw de Chavez Bear. It's the best time!!! 

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5. Most comfortable shoes are devastatingly ugly.


6.  I have become one of those annoying people talking on their cell phones on the steps of Union Square.


7. Dresses are badass. I promise I will make more of you!!!


8. The Babette has some mad hops!!!! ….she jumps over me in bed all the time, (she's like a foot tall, but can jump about three times her height), and it's really quite awesome cause she's so graceful and pretty, and she kinda looks like she is flying…and then after  you can tell she's proud of her very impressive performance. I swear, so cute, it's painful!!


9. I want candy!!!!

Snickers or Teuscher truffles or Fauchon chocolates….ooooo sour power…so yummy!!


10. Trick or Treat?!!!?!!



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Treat, I vote treat!

Good to hear Marie A. isn't as bad as the critics have panned it...

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