Saturday, April 14, 2007

i heart japanese chins....i heart the dee...i heart fun...i heart mis amigos(as) ......i heart....Tuesday, May 16, 2006 - Current mood: giggly

The past couple weeks have been a little crazyShadowplay at the Stud on Cinco de Mayo with Jennie and her crew, the Alameda Point Antique Fair to visit Misscrewers, Liz and Alice, with Joey and Dee such a hoot.oh brother, and sister, such good times with these two! why did I find two pieces of kettle corn in my bra when I came home that day? And visiting the chow nasty house, always a pleasure of course, and witnessing funny human habits of staring into space at a computer when nothing but music is playing on it. guess you had to be there...Sounded really, really good though! Went to a Giants game with work last weeknot really into sports, but into sports arena food, but damn, with all the Barry Bonds commotion, that was the best and most exciting baseball game I ever went to thats for sureand the bratwurst was so good that day. yum! Lots of familia activities for Mums day and Ive decided my sister is at the top of my favorites list right now for taking phone pics of a Japanese Chin doggie for me in the Castro yesterday. Youre the best! I love you! Mwah! : ) writing stuff and doing more other stuff. Super excited about the D Dubs and an Erri-cos b-day party!!! And Errico, sorry about almost running you over the other day. You know I cant drive! Yes, chow nasty is right. This is gonna be a fun week!!!

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