Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pretty weather & cabin FEVER & DANCE fervor!!!! - Wednesday, May 03, 2006 - Current mood: mischievous

Been diligently writing, since last week, I swear! Working on the sephora assignment and some others. And in between, had drinks in the Mission at Casanova with Jennie and Kim, and a good time hanging out with the posse after. Sad me and Kim missed the dancing, if only Bart ran all night like the subwaywas great fun nevertheless, then shopping with Dee and Trang downtown on a hot sunny day in wine velour (common sense, where? Not here for sure!) then House of PR and Ladytron show with Derek. Fun, but silly me, forgot my IDthen Misscrew dinner at Gabriellas with the lovely ladies of the misscrew. So much fun, an abundance of mimosas, such good food, and good company of course! The ladies are so cool. I feel really lucky to know them! More writing and some serious thrifting. Two pairs of glasses, a fox? stole, 3 pairs pants, 3 jackets, a vest, a shirt, 3 bracelets, and a barrette, and a really, super duper cool vintage Levis velour track suit. Im in love. Its red, white, and blue. Really fucking cool. I feel uber Japanese-ee in it. So its been a pretty good week and this week I just have to focus on meeting my writing deadlines. All work and no play makes Michelley a dullboy. Or a more like a cranky girl!!! But i'm super excited about this good looking weather!!! Been feeling all beachy lately. My god, see what the rain did to me!! I'm totally out of line....

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