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Nutcrackers and muffs... Wednesday, December 13, 2006 - Current mood: chocolate addiction

The FIDM alumni mixer at Rye was a good time. Liz and I did some mixing, thoroughly enjoying the overabundance of chocolate confections and the goodie bags. And apparently the TL loves me so much, that it didn't want me to leave that night either. In front of the Arrowbar, a trap door type of grate thing in the sidewalk decided to attack my foot, the heel of my stiletto getting completely wedged and therefore stuck between its doors. Shoe damaged, but I was okay, after figuring out removing myself from the shoe, then removing the shoe from the grate was the best way to proceed….Then VIP to the Faint show, thanks to Steven. So good to run into Beth there, in the ladies room of all places, which I suppose isn't that unusual since I tend to spend a lot of time in ladies rooms. Liz has become my eye candy date partner for the holidays. She and I put up my tree the other night. She's really good at tree decorating. I was so impressed cause ornament placement does require good legs and a very skillful eye!

So no cavities, but found out I have a blood clot in my leg, and will have to have it sonogram-ized soon. It's not a fatal one, well obviously, since I am writing this, but it probably will be someday thanks to the old Michelley's lifestyle and bad genes. Those naughty genes....Potential job stuff still in the works…learning all sorts of interesting computery/internet stuff…and my home has turned into a Christmas sweatshop since I dabble in homemade gifts. Super duper excited cause of all the visitors I will be having for the holidays, and especially happy to start a new year!!!

on my mind this week:

  1. I've decided Tee is one of my missing personalities, which explains my cell phone bill.
  2. Wasn't it just Thanksgiving?!!
  3. Men in 2006 were interesting.
  4. Decorated the tree to this:

    and this…

  5. Merry Christmas!! I love this!!! Ahhhhh, childhood Sanrio memories of the Nutcracker…

6. I need somewhere special to wear my new muff!!!!

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