Saturday, April 14, 2007

i'm melting.....Sunday, April 25, 2004

Friday went to the Shattuck Down Low with Hong, Rod, and Zole. Met up with Danny and Errico. It was cool, saw a hip-hop/funk band perform… was good to do something different….Errico got me to dance to hip-hop for a minute, guess it was payback for when I made him dance with me to the Rapture at the Rubyroom a couple months back. Zole was busy fending off unwanted aggressive advances by two chicks, said now he knew how violated women felt when guys are overtly touchy feely with them at clubs…Watched a very drunk Ryan do a stripper/Backstreet Boys dance routine with a chair…Yeah, it was a pretty entertaining night….Had a good conversation with Zole about advertising. He used to write ads for large corporations when he lived in Michigan a while back. Said it’s a hard business to break into especially here in the Bay Area and a week’s worth of work used to only take him 10 hours. That in itself is pretty seductive…Guess now he wants to write for TV (sketch comedy) and movies, and wants to move someplace in August that will allow him to do so. I hope it all works out for him. He’s a cool guy. Saturday went to the Salvation Army and ran some errands with Dee, hung out on the stoop and made drinks for the soon to be engineers, Jenny and Darrel. Darrel was fascinated with my red vinyl “magic wallet” and I was fascinated by his new toy, the Sony Clie. (When he told me, I was like, what, Miss Cleo…??) It’s so awesome, takes pictures, keeps you organized, and plays music. I’ve been trying to curb my tendency to always want things, but it was so cool. I just can’t help myself, I totally want one, eventhough I would probably end up breaking it. I’m such a sucker for little gadgets. That’s why the Sharper Image is one of my worst enemies…But, I have to say, they do make the best high-pressure shower head. I missed Vicky’s b-day celebration last night and my weekly bonding session with Lee. Sorry babe, didn’t mean to make you cry….. : ( And today I was supposed to go to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japantown, but I was too tired cause I got to bed at 4am due to the vicious cycle of naps, and the heat would have done me in for sure. Hong wanted me to go to the A’s game too with her, Rod, and Zole, but I declined, since I was supposed to do Cherry Blossom. But I did get some hardcore cleaning done today, and got some alone time and a nap in, so I’m happy. And the poor Baby. I know she’s not feeling well cause of the heat. She’s sprawled out on the bathroom floor right now cause it’s the coolest area in my apartment. I feel so bad, but I can’t shave her, cause I know it would just ruin her self-esteem. “You made me ugly mommy”, that’s how she’d feel….I’m feeling all sorts of nostalgic, so been listening to Tones on Tail and Sex Gang Children tonight. Uh oh, think it may be time to hit up a goth club soon...To get me in a real good cleaning mood earlier, listened to Chicks on Speed, Pretenders, Sparks, Christian Death....So Tuesday I’m supposed to go to a hip-hop club event in Fremont to show moral support for one of Julia’s friends and Wednesday I’m going to the Winchester Mystery House for a work event I planned, the Rapture is supposed to do a set at the Arrow on Wed. too, but I think that would be pushing it for me…and Thursday think I’m going to see the them and BRMC with Brandon. It’s gonna be a packed week, guess I’ll take double doses of my vitamins…

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