Saturday, April 14, 2007

happy easter...and just happy to be here! - Sunday, April 16, 2006 - Current mood: happy

last night's party was so much fun. i shouldn't even be up this early, went to bed after 4am, and my stomach feels like I ingested battery acid (actually ingested la pinata), ouch, but happy its easter....Pump it up was awesome. No ball cages, but bounce house everythings and slides, and great i pod tunes. the best was when there were like 10 of us in the big circular bounce house (the one for boxing) singing Age of Consent while jumping., was quite a sight!..Then we got kicked out of that one cause there were too many people in it, but it was so much fun while it lasted Adrian broke the news to me that Flicka is leaving our little islandand the tired folks (cause jumping in those bounce house things is exhausting) ended up in shifts in the party room, then bounced on over to Saras and the LW for drinkys. Dee made red velvet cupcakes for the night, and I was so happy to find out that my friends actually do read my column! : )

So many good conversations last night. Lets see, I think the best was the sexually charged comment Zac made about Chow Nastys music, and somebody elses story about thinking they were preggers via immaculate conception, hilarious!! So before all this madness had an incredibly productive and busy week. So no PR internship, launch of (amazing response) and waiting on certain editorial projectsvery exciting to say the least. Hung out with Jesses and Kim from Surface the other day and had a blast and went to Popscene on thursday, saw a funny smiths/Morrissey coverband there and danced my ass off with Brandan, Christian, Sara, Dee, Ieda, and Michael. So much fun there with the right people! Can always count on them to play the stones paint it black, so awesome to dance to and was pleasantly surprised by Supergrass We are Young. Was a very successful dancing night, paid for it Friday at work (left at 2am, got home at 4am due to bridge traffic), but not as bad as Christian did Im sure (he was double fisting at one point!). And I think now, there are like 30 pics floating around of different folks at different times wearing my new crazy vintageDior Stunna shadeswould be funny to make a book of these!! Got confused about Dean and Renes party for the girls (typical of me) and missed it againA really long but superbly fun week. One of the best weeks Ive had in a couple years. So Happy Easter Everybody, hope the easter bunny brings something delicious today and some nice weather! All smiles and morning indigestion! : )


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So excited! Have spotted 2 pics on the internet with the glasses so far!!!!
Posted on Tuesday, April 18, 2006 at 5:29 PM

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