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abuse of the....Sunday, June 18, 2006 - Current mood: giggly

I think my social life has a life of its own sometimes...I'm going to LA on friday more socializing, ha! I will miss you Tee when you leave me for that natual Portuguese place. You are such a doll! Very fond of plaid and carbohydrates this week! And Liz and Eddy, I will miss you guys so much too! Bastards! Happy Father's Day to all BDs.....Tonight was fun with the crew. Sometimes you just have to do La Pinata late night syle...There goes my no midnght snack rule...I'm so BUSTED!


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AAwwww that is so sweet of you M! Did you get my voicemail message? Give Christine my love and have loads of fun in Hell-A. I will see you in a few months. Yes, it is all about plaid this fall/winter06. Mr. Furley did it proper!Love ya xxx
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