Saturday, April 14, 2007

Thank god everyday is NOT Halloween! - Thursday, November 04, 2004

Thank god Halloween is over!!! What a crazy week! The madness all started at work. Each year the different departments have a Halloween costume theme and compete against eachother for a free luncheon. It looked like our department wasn't going to partake in the Halloween frenzy, but last minute I came up with the idea to have the department dress up as characters from Pac Man. So we bought sheets to be ghosts, some people dressed up as fruit, we had a Pac man and a Mrs. Pac Man, and we used paper plates on the floor leading into people's cubes to look like the maze in the game, and had the music from the game playing in the background. I made a Pac Man poster and coin slot/ joy stick to turn our front door into the arcade video game. It ended up being really fucking cool, but we lost to the Egyptians, who included Cleopatra, a Pharoah, and a cube turned pyramid with real sand. Then Isis had her Dia de los Muertos party on saturday, and I found myself at her house on thursday making sugar skulls for 4 hours, and then saturday preparing the icing to decorate the skulls for another 4 hours. The party was great, i decorated 2 sugar skulls and a hand mirror, and the food was amazing, but I was so tired since I had only slept three hours that day...On Friday Brandon and I went to a wharehourse party on San Pablo, which was a lot of fun, but very tiring. We dressed up as Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. The Protection and the Lovemakers both played, were really good, and Brandon DJ'd. Sunday we were at Radio for a bit and then headed over to New Wave City's Halloween party, which was okay, but we were so tired from everything that we went home around 1:45am. So I voted on tuesday, and now it's thursday and i'm starting to finally shake off the depression from the whole presidential election fiasco. And to top everything off, been having computer/cell phone/ microwave problems this week, and missed a e-mail from Elle magazine (got it about 2 weeks late!!) stating their interest in me. Hopefully it's not to late and the position is still open.Now I'm off to have drinks with Donna and feeling pretty damn good!

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