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Abuse of the baby coconuts....Tuesday, August 16, 2005 - Current mood: sick

Hung out with Kira two Saturdays ago. She had been in town from New York to surprise her Dad for his birthday. Such a good daughter… Did some light shopping downtown and both Kira and I got suckered into buying a bunch of pore shrinkage products from a very nice Clinque lady, who absolutely loved the fact that I have the same name as a sports celebrity. She even hooked us up with free eyeliners. Bless her heart! Let’s hope the pore shrinkage products work. How wonderful, kegel exercises for pores in a tube sans the work…Oh and thank god I don’t have some fucked up name like, that other ice skater, Tanya Harding. Ick!

After shopping, we met up with Lia and her friends Umbi and Brian for drinks on Haight St. and then had dinner at Blue Plate. All I have to say is that you must try their pork belly BLT, so delicious and decadent. Yum! Then we were off to Lia’s new bar, the Shamrock, where Kira proceeded to film us discussing relationships for her latest project,, where she has a live documentary style blog…Had an absolutely outrageous cab ride home from a Tunisian rocking out to Egyptian pop. It’s kinda scary when you’re in deep fog and your cabbie is not using his hands to steer cause he’s too busy clapping to Egyptian beats…Fun and entertaining nevertheless…

So Kira’s boy Ryan is doing very well. His Shopdropping project is getting national exposure, just wrote an article about it and the New York Times just interviewed him as well. So in a nutshell, he purchases canned good, takes the labels off, replaces them with his own artwork, reapplies the barcodes, and then he and Kira sneak them back into the stores to be resold. I think the idea is ingenious and I’m so happy for the success he’s had with it. You can even send him your own artwork to be applied to the canned goods.
He’s at

Applied to an internship for Surface Magazine’s fashion department. Then I spoke with their director and she told me they just moved it to New York last month and all they have here are not-so-great internships in ad sales. She said my info. looked good though and if I was thinking of relocating I should submit it to their New York office…..tempting, but definitely not ready to move yet…Also waiting to interview for another position at Conde Nast, it’ll be my third time going through this process with them, but maybe I’ll have better luck this time around…Bought some really, really hot black platforms boots from the 70’s from my girl Liz…I love them! They are so fucking sexy and they actually go over the knee…That Liz, what a girl! She is so cute and sweet and awesome, and tall too. She’d be a great model. Some cute, nice, tall boy should make her his muse. It’s so wonderful to have a close friend who is a vintage clothing/accessory wholesaler…It’s like having a personal shopper. My friends rock! And are really just amazing people!

Last Friday was a lot of fun. Went to 33 Grand with my sis to check out an art installation Joey had there. It was really cool. A bunch of tires glued together and stacked onto each other in florescent colors on a bed of popcorn. So awesome! He told me that Chow Nasty is gonna film their first video and that the people who do the Volkswagen commercials are gonna produce it, and that he wants me involved with the styling, so I’ve been stoked and brainstorming on their new “look” which I’m totally excited about. Then me and Dee met up with Brandan and Lee to hear the White Stripes from the back of the Greek theater at the “free spot”. They sounded amazing. Too bad I couldn’t actually see them. And the free spot had all this security, it was like Footloose back there, all tense and quiet, with cops no dancing allowed…After the show we ended up having pitchers of beer with the college kids at the International House and I got to bond with my boys…They’re all going to 84 on Thursday with my sister and I was planning on joining them, but I came down with the flu on Sunday, so it’s probably not the best idea…I’m supposed to go to Tahoe on Friday with work too, but I probably won’t go if I’m still sick…

Been eating baby coconuts for the past two weeks cause they’ve been on sale at Albertson’s…It’s so funny cause me and Dee will split one when we get home from work and she has this special cutting technique with the cleaver to make the first hole to get the juice out of and then I cut it in half …and my Dad has a fit if we eat them late at night cause cutting them open makes so much noise, since my parents live nextdoor…I think it’s hysterical! I just cut one open outside a little while ago and probably looked like a lunatic in the dark with a huge meat cleaver hacking away at a coconut…I don’t think my behavior shocks my neighbors anymore though…I think the funniest for them was a few winters back when I would jump rope with my ski mask on…

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