Saturday, April 14, 2007

Holiday in Cold Ass Alameda! - Monday, December 06, 2004

The past couple weeks have been sooo crazy! Did the Thanksgiving celebration with both sides of the fam and then went to 1984 with Dee, Christle, and Wan Shen. Then shopped like a madwoman the following 3 days. This past saturday went with my mom to buy a nice realiable Toyota Corolla, then Brandon and I stopped by his lil bro's house for a little get-together in the Loin, then went to Lobot, then checked out the hip hop party/art show at his place with Nolan and Therese. Sunday went to the antique fair with my sister at the Alameda naval base, then went back to the Noodle Factory, where Brandon was showing his work for his thesis, then we watched Kiss Me Deadly, which was kinda slow at the beginning, but had a great ending. Been nursing a cold since last friday and still have lots of Christmas shopping to do, and I know this month is only gonna get more insane! Don't you just love the holidays?!!!

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