Sunday, April 15, 2007

Cake baking and stir frying are not the same as making spaghetti - Friday, September 15, 2006 - Current mood: sore

Tee is back, thank god. Back to job hunting, and making a very elaborate Marie Antoinette costume for Halloween. Nice to see friends again, Liz and Matt the other day..Danny and I did our neighborhood update for a quick sec, and then Dee's crew last night at Popscene for her 25th b-day. Makes me feel sooooo old, but in the most endearing way…The kids are cute, much not nearly as well dressed as they were in my prime Popscene days in college…It's a shame San Francisco doesn't appreciate fashion all that much. It's a town too busied and preoccupied with being politically and technologically correct to actually savor real aesthetics or even have a sense of humor about it. It does have the best metropolitan skyline though. So I've been a stay-at-home mom of sorts the past couple weeks..spending lots of time with the fam and the animals, still waking up extremely early for someone who doesn't have to be at a job, been cooking up a storm for everyone, and eating up a storm as well. Looks like Pammy may be returning shortly…I dislike gyms and practically all types of exercise, except for maybe hula hoping, so I've resorted again to jumping/dancing around my house for an hour to my fave dance tunes in my workout regalia…thinking about starting a blog on, deciding on its logistics…Watched Wood Allen's, "Play it Again Sam" a few nights ago. Liked it, always liked his movies eventhough he kinda annoys me, but actually was more inspired by the late seventies fashions of the movie..hello handlebars!!! Then watched Casa Blanca and was floored…that Bogart, such a brute of a man, a total defense mechanism on legs. Love it. I made more stir fried chicken and broccoli, chicken and snow pea mushroom stirfry, and split pea soup, and fancy cupcakes from Magnolia's, and just baked another cake for my sister. Would like to see Chow Nasty open for the Suicide Girls Show, bummer cause heard sold out…tried to get fee tics from Independent…would be nice. Less addicted to the youtube this week, and more addicted to stir frying and cake baking, and other mystical things.

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