Saturday, April 14, 2007

Rainy November…ooops, just remembered that GnR song , oh well…Wednesday, November 09, 2005 - Current mood: busy

Halloween was a lot of fun and a whole lotta work. Was Michael Jackson from Thriller and transformed the office into the set of the Thriller video. We did the “Thriller” dance for the Halloween contest judges and won $100 for the department. Good Shit. And Better shit is that we’ll get a third luncheon out of the pagan holiday. Gotta love big corporations for that reason…Then went over to the Fillmore to see Bauhaus. Was soooooooo fucking, fucking awesome. A 30 minute version of Bela Lugosi’s Dead! Sounded like they had a full orchestra accompanying them, but of course I couldn’t see a thing…did manage to see Peter Murphy in a vampire cape for a second though. Classic. Remember the Hunger? Oh yeah, I was an anime superhero…whatever that means. An excuse to wear something weird and gothy on Halloween without feeling like a freak…I was rather fond of my pink circle cheeks though. Been busy with the jobs, Enterprise (40 hours worth of work done in 24), Surface/Intersection (30 hours of work done in 14), clothing alterations (accurate and fair labor here) and tomorrow I’m helping Liz style a fashion show at Valley Fair…Was a bridesmaid in one of my best friends’ wedding somewhere amidst all this...So I haven’t really gone out that much the past two weeks. My body keeps telling me “no, please no more!” but my id says “yes, please take me out now!” Being balanced is such a challenge, I swear!!!! Been spending loads of time on the tele. I’m sorta afraid to see what my cell phone bill will look like next month…and then I found out yesterday there will be no Surface Avant Guardian party in San Francisco cause Lexus did not think it was viable here. Sucks for Lexus. See if I ever buy one of their hoopty cars…anyhow, I’d much rather have an old, curvy benz with a driver. God, having a chauffer would be so rad….The Chauffer, now that’s a video! I heart Duran Duran and Barbarella too…

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