Saturday, April 14, 2007

Operation Vegas - Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Vegas was cool. Not a place I would ever want to live, but fun to visit. Let’s see, interesting to see all the rockabilly folks, there were hoochies galore, many a boob job, and so many bad highlights, in a not cool way! Shame on them! I did my duty and paid homage to Las Vegas fashion. I had to. On Saturday night, wore my metallic large sequinced sleeveless sweater, with black slacks, my black pseudo cowboy boots, topped with a cream pashmina. I’d like to think of it as Vegas meets San Francisco, if you will. The wardrobe itinerary for the rest of the trip was pretty relaxed, and I ended up living in my jeans, some basic, versatile shirts, and light bomber jacket. I believe I had the most clothes on out of everyone in the entire town! And thank god, it wasn’t that hot, think it was around 80 or so w/ a slight breeze. What a relief!I did have a “moment” with the white tiger at the Mirage though. It will be my power animal no doubt from now on… Bellagio was closed due to a power failure, so we missed the dancing fountains and all the bling bling. : (Didn’t do that much drinking and smoking (have been doing it in excess for the past few weeks now anyway), since I was with the family. It’s pretty gross smoking there when you feel like you’ve already smoked a pack of cigarettes just from the act of breathing. Had an allergic reaction to something yesterday, my fingers swelling up like little sausages while walking through the mall. Now that’s attractive…Oh, but I did buy these cool, very large orange plastic guitar earrings, a tasteful white and gray tie-dyed Sigfried and Roy long sleeved t-shirt (supposed to resemble a white tiger), a laquered little box full of mints with a naughty Vicorian kitty on it smoking a cigarette in a big red hat, and some mini magnets of classic Italian nude beauties for the frig. It was good bonding time with the family, but I was so happy to come home yesterday night cause I really missed the Baby. Meow! Was supposed to go back to work today, but didn’t cause my little brother was in a car accident in Napa (car was destroyed – flipped 5 times, no wheels left), he’s okay though, thanks to Land Rover…I should have known something was gonna happen cause I always get a rash on my face when things like this strike, and it came on Sunday. Spooky…Guess I have a psychic complexion.I got excited cause I ran into this today: She wore powders and paints cause she didn’t need them, and she refused to be bored simply because she wasn’t boring. She was conscious that the things she did were the things she had always wanted to do. – Zelda FitzgeraldShe may have been a bit off, and the poor thing tragically died in a fire in mental institution, but I absolutely love Zelda. She is the bomb! She was so the “it” girl of the 1920’s….

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