Saturday, April 14, 2007

L.A. goths are sooo different, they're nice, that's weird!!! - Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Had a good time in L.A. with Christine and Sergio. We were all so tired on Friday, so we spent the day running errands for the line, Christine cooked an awesome hearty Mexican meal, and we spent the night watching “Night at the Roxbury”, which I had not seen until my mom recently bought me the DVD. It’s such a silly, funny movie. Such a farse, right a long the lines of Zoolander, and I have a weakness for anything that Will Farrell is in. God, I’m such a dork! Saw a play called, “Confessions of Minister’s Daughter” at the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre on Saturday, which was part of the L.A. Women’s Theatre Festival. The play was good, an autobiographical one woman sketch about her conflicting moral and spiritual issues with being a minister’s kid. Did some shopping and snacking in Silverlake after, then Christine and I went to Bar Sinister, a Hollywood goth club specializing in “gothy” drinks. It was cool. We had gone there last August, but the music was just mediocre this time. The Goths are different there, not as prententious; I felt out of place....Went to Denny’s after and some nice man gave me a yellow M&M figure he won from one of those claw machines. It was deep. Who would think a yellow M&M stuffed toy would have some insightful introspective blurb attached to its gloved hand. It said something about yellow being innocent, charming, na├»ve but not a push over, clumsy, and analytical. Hmmm, weird cause I can relate to yellow…Sunday was hot and we woke up around 2 pm. Hung out with Sergio, Christine and the cats, ate Mexican pastries, went to dinner, and was on the plane home by 9:30 pm. So it’s back to work this week and back to job hunting. I sent my resume to a few places so far, a marketing firm in the city called Tattoo, a special effects company in Alameda (did a bunch of efx for the Matrix), to for a Louis Vuittton handbag specialist, to Teen Vogue’s SF Advertising Sales dept., to an unkown company for an Exec. Assistant. I’m trying very hard to be positive and patient about the whole job hunt, and I hope someone calls me back for one of these jobs soon cause I’m really fucking suffering at the current one. Well at least this weekend should be fun with the Beer and Oyster Festival on Saturday, and next week I’m off to Vegas with the fam. It’ll be my first time there, so it should be interesting to say the least.Oh yes, and how did I forget. I finally got a trim and now I have some very bright copper highlights in the mane. I love it how a change in haircolor can change your perspective. Guess I’m a redhead now.

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