Sunday, April 15, 2007

Roses are read……Monday, July 24, 2006 - Current mood: hot

My Birthday week has been so much fun! Got manis/pedis and dinner with Mei and the Dee the other dayall excited about my fuchsia low-rider color nailsFriday went to Joeys art opening all in my nineties style gear think rayon and bright contrasting prints - above the Mission Thrift Town..His installation was the best for sure, absolutely loved it! Very Joey-esque with the mini piano, the green foam stuff and the scooter .Then headed to Cassanova and Delirium afterdidnt drink that much, but still ended up with a hangover Saturday morning prior to going back into the city to work for a few hours at TATTOO. Saturdays heat along with todays has been unbearable, with me existing in an overheated, mentally exhausted state from doing nothing. My birthday party at the Hush Hush was uber duper fun! Thanks everyone for making it out! The car ride home was a little intense, 1 ½ hours of traffic before the bridge, and I was astounded to find out Jack in the Box was actually closed at 4:30am this morningJust got back from dinner with Danny, my oldest male friend (known him 16 years!!!), and some nice, delightful person has left me a dozen red roses on my coffee tablehmmm, I wonder who the culprit is. Think a palindrome might have something to do with this mischief...

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