Saturday, April 14, 2007

inxs - no, not the band - Monday, May 31, 2004

Been guilty of some serious overindulgent behavior for the past two weeks…First there was Sara’s graduation party, drinks with Donna at Lost Weekend, drinks intermittently during the week with Hong and Isis who both just recently became single again, 1984 w/ Isis, Dee, the Berkeley GBs, Hong, Nicolai, and Vincent, a wharehouse party in the West O, New Wave City’s Depeche Mode party, Carneval, and pool party at the Hotel Phoenix w/ Brandon. Sometime during all this I was able to apply for a reality talk show TV host job for an Extreme Makeover type of show. Ooooh, watched a cool Japanese film called “The Suicide Club” the other day about a Japanese girl pop band that subliminally possesses people to kill themselves. It was kinda shifty and bloody, but very cool. I really liked it. Yes, it’s been a very crazy, fun, and liver damaging two weeks! So this week, I’m gonna try to rest and detox cause I’m just not a spring chicken anymore!

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