Saturday, April 14, 2007

26: 6 drinks, and injured foot, & 1massage later.....Friday, July 23, 2004

July has been quite a month! Saw the "Beautiful Losers" exhibit at Yerba Buena Center with Brandon, which I really liked. Had lots of cool art inspired by that good old clean fun skater lifestyle. Was very nostalgic for me, brought me straight back to 1993, such fun times....Saw the first version of Napoleon Dynamite, so fucking hilarious, and have been fitting in episodes of the first season of Sex and the City here and there. Finally starting working on my design portfolio last week, which has been going really well, and am so grateful that I've somehow tapped into this amazing surge of creative energy that has been lacking for so long. Went to 1984 last night to celebrate my 26th b-day and got pretty intoxicated...had a good time with the homies except for the part when I decided to take my plastic porn shoes off and walk down the street barefoot. Somehow I managed to get a piece of glass lodged into the bottom of my left foot, and luckily Brandon and a very nice homeless man, who offered to cure the pain with pot and cocaine, took care of me. I declined the drugs of course, and opted for a # 15 at Jack In the Box instead. So for my birthday today, I treated myself to an hour massage and now I feel absolutely incredible! Life really isn't too bad.

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