Sunday, April 15, 2007

i miss the 1990's!!!!!! all nostalgic and shit this week! - Monday, July 03, 2006 - Current mood: nerdy

I realized I was officially old this weekend. Had drinks friday night at the LW with Jenny, Darrel, Matt, my sis, Amy, Drew...the end turned into this silly hugging session...yes, even I am quite the hippie sometimes, and then saturday morning realized the alcohol made my face puffy...ick. and sad...Missed Kim's b-day mission bar hopping cause feeling under and then I watched Pride and Prejudice last night while I manicured/pedicured myself. Thought it was cute, in that Jane Austen, dramatic twist of fate sorta way...slightly annoyed by Kiera Knightly's awkward, longingly glances..she was so cute as a soccer player in Bend it Like Beckham, not quite Austen material, and actually she really reminds me of Wynona Ryder....Working on feng shui-ing my purse collection this week and successfully organized my magazine collection last week, so i am quite the happy camper. yes, Tee, you are right. I really have been feng shui-ing since the ninties...and I'm totally going through a nineties phase this week. Remember Atari Teenage Riot?!! God, they were so rad!!! Yes, I'm totally ready for some violent music to hit the scene again. So tired of everything being so lacy...Good violent music and a clean house top the wishlist this week...oh yeah, totally addicted to the youtube too. Have Sergio to thank for that one...


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Have you ever seen Kiera Knightley interviews? That girl is on crack! She does have the Wynona Ryder eyes though. Where's Wynona at? Come on back girl, we forgive ya!
Posted on Tuesday, July 04, 2006 at 3:17 AM

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