Saturday, April 14, 2007

Get off the internet and pack your shit Michelle!!!! - Saturday, April 10, 2004

Why is Packing for Vegas so difficult? My God, so I'm leaving for Vegas in a few hours and I still have to finish packing! I'm having a very serious mental block. Been listening to old school Suede and Blur tonight to get me happy and moving, but it’s not working dammit!! I started packing on monday, but just can't seem to get it together. I think may even be looking for things to do, just to avoid packing. That’s why I’m on here, writing this!! Packing, it ruins my life. Wish I had a Personal Assistant to do it for me! Waaaaaah! As for last night, Wowsers! Went to 1984 w/ Hong, Andrea, Carol, and my sister. Met up with my sister's homies: Arthur David, Brandan, and Lee. It was so much fun and innocently dirty, w/ just a really good vibe between everyone. The Highlights from Last Night: Andrea - (Dre) A very tossed Andrea kept introducing hersef as Ahn-dreee-a, while loudly and blatantly denying it. But we all heard her!!! She’s says I’m supposed to design her wedding dress, and Dee the vail ( a blinger with lots of gold and dollar signs and shit!!)Shaking my groove thang with the hottest loverboys in da club: Lee, Arthur David, and Brandan. Watching the two, friendly drunk guys, one from Barthelona, the other from Costa Rica, obviously from hostile nextdoor, stumble around me on the dancefloor. Miss Hong yelling in my ear on the car ride home " Bling, Bling, Blau...Bling, Bling, Blau..." "Age of Consent", playing in the back room. A boy serenading me with the verse to When in Rome’s, The Promise.

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