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Sweet battery acid...Sunday, February 18, 2007 - Current mood: well fed

The past couple weeks have been full of feeding frenzy fun. Started with Liz and I having our Swedish pancake breakfast date at Marty's, then went to a tasting with Isis and Chad at Dragon Rouge, a new Vietnamese fusion restaurant in town, where they had the most delicious spring rolls made with traditional spring roll ingredients, but also included: sliced boiled egg – gave it a creaminess, combined with what seemed like another small fried roll that gave it a very nice savory and crispy texture. Then dinner and drinks at the Tiki Bar with Denise, Aaron, Mei, Steve, and the Dee….and that Tiki bar makes some really strong drinks….half a tropical drink later, I was feeling a bit woozy, and later ended up on water at the LW. I can't remember what the concoction was called, but we all know it now as, "Sweet Battery Acid".

Got manis and pedis with Denise and then raided Tapioca Express twice this week for boba and fried goodness. Watched Darkbeat, one of the SF Film festival's movies with Jesses and Sophie. Was about the history of electro music focusing on the Detroit scene. Very educational, but not the most thrilling movie. Also went to a store opening on Leavenworth and Sutter that sells cute and quirky men's and women's clothing and accessories, including Jesse's severed plastic animal head necklaces, which are way too cool for school. Hit up and insanely packed LW last night for Sara's visit and Melinda's birthday, and got a job with one of Time Warners advertising agencies, so I've been enjoying myself lately…and definitely enjoyed tonight's family birthday and Chinese New Year dinner of prime rib and Chinese/Japanese foods...And of course, Gung Hay Fat Choy everybody!!!!

On my mind this week:

1. I watched Pan's Labyrinth with my mom. It made me nervous and there were some moments where I forgot to breath. It's a good mother/daughter bonding movie.

2. Mends.

3. I forgot all about this Kurosawa movie, Dreams, used to watch this with my mom too.

4. Interesting how Divine Intervention always strikes up conversations with me on public transportation.

5. The Youtube's copyright claims really bother me.

6. I looked at some of the fall collections for New York Fashion Week, and sadly, wasn't really all that impressed. None of the collections were very strong, most felt sloppy, and a bit redundant. Would have liked to have seen the Heatherette show though, lucky Ryan!!

7. When you are a chipper morning person at Trader Joe's at 10:00am and some Chinese ladies look familiar, don't assume they are distant relatives, and ask them if they are your aunties when they really work at the lamp store around the corner from your house.

8. Lucky to see Afrika Bambaataa at Club Six a few years back, and there is no party or energy comparable to how it is like when he is DJing…For reals!!

9. I LOVE THIS!!! He is so fucking awesome live…and it's amazing when Carlos Santana just happens to pop up on stage with him…Shelia E too reprazentin the East Bay!!

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As we were headed out the door last night for top dogs, Nate said, "I bet there's an awesome spread at the Kwan house tonight."
I'll have to tell him it was confirmed.

PS- Divine Intervention on public transit? Classic.
Posted on Tuesday, February 20, 2007 at 12:29 AM

I love your #7. I can just see you doing that too. Thanks for the intro to the wonderful world of Tapioca Express! Yum! I'm so jealous that you go to have Swedish pancakes. We'll have to go together one day for breakfast because Aaron refuses to pay $10 for an omelete! Happy Chinese New Year and long live the Sweet Battery Acid!!!
Posted on Tuesday, February 20, 2007 at 10:24 AM

Hey, that's how we met! You asked me if I was one of your aunties and the truth was we had a class together. The weird part was you asked me that while we were still in class. Posted on Thursday, February 22, 2007 at 6:19 PM

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