Saturday, April 14, 2007

a busy body....Saturday, April 17, 2004

On Wednesday, helped Julia expand her paper on the Korean Education system and applied for 2 jobs on Craigslist (one for Exec. Asst. for Design Withing Reach, a high-end Italian furniture retailer, and for an Exec. Asst. for an adverstising firm in the magazine industry). On Thursday, went to 1984 again with Dee and the boys, briefly met Oronzo there, drank more than I realized, didn’t really dance my ass off though like I thought, guess I wasn’t really feeling the songs on their playlist. Lee and I had a good conversation about folklore and its Freudian aspects and had fun switching rings, but the best part was when we were leaving. We were out in front of the club, and “Don’t You Want Me”, came on and everyone was just so happy and singing along….. They’re so adorable, young and so much fun! Gotta love the Berkeley GBs!Friday at work I was delirious for most of the day, ran a one and half hour training session at 9am, fell asleep on a restaurant table after eating quiche for lunch, came home and took a nice, long cat nap, and ended up getting drinks at Lost Weekend and a late night snack at La Pinata with Ruben. We had a good heart to heart. It’s so nice after all these years to be such good friends….So today, got my teeth drilled at 8am, have to buy a gift for my uncles’ 50th b-day, going to Le Cheval for his party, and think I will just rest tonight and watch Kill Bill, which I haven’t seen yet. Listening to the Splendor soundtrack. I used to love that movie .…one of the few I actually own (on VHS) still one of my favorites….What’s so wrong with a Zed and an Abel? Now that’s really hot! Mmmmmm….

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