Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mi vida loca…..May 16, 2007 Current Mood – Earrings not jingling at the moment :(

The Chow Nasty show on Cinco de Mayo at the WC was a good time. Sugar and Gold were really good too. I was impressed. Good to see old friends and new – hadn’t been there since that crazy Halloween party in 2004 when me and Brandon dressed up as Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, and then the other Ghostown happening was not so happy. Someone totaled my Dad’s car in front of his shop on MLK – he had to dive out of the speeding car’s way, and then the jerk took off on foot. It’s amazing he wasn’t seriously injured, and just another reason to buy a trusty Camry. Then on the other side of Oakland, Liz, Errico, Danny and I did taco truck bonding, over ceviche and lengua tacos. Brandan and Chris’ birthday BBQ extravaganza at Dolores Park was ever-so-much fun, and happy to know my blue raspberry jello shots were a hit among the fellas! Then Evelyn’s wine tasting party after was a hoot and very educational, learning that Red Truck pinot noir is an extremely versatile wine at a good value ($10 for 2005 bottle)…..So I’m pretty tired this week, and apparently I have highly allergic tissue in my eyes, and I will soon have some not so attractive Calvin Klein riveted lens titanium computer glasses to help them out, and that you will never ever see me in, thank god - but I will also have me some new stunnas too, so I’m pretty excited, and excited for this weekend’s Oyster festival!

On my mind this week:

1. So many Taurus/Geminis and so little time!!! I’m really trying, I promise!!
2. I love it that Tee is a like a little baby! Oh honey, your poor ears!! Kooo, gurgle, gurgle…
3. The M.I.S.S. Crew got a hot new look for summer!! Check it out:
4. Muni is an interesting place, especially when you’re trying not to make eye contact with someone who was with the ninny who thought you were a man. As you can see this is still a very sensitive subject.
5. Goat milk brie is absolutely delicious at room temperature, and is only $3 a wheel, so get it fast before your local TJs sells out or discontinues it.

6. Too bad the narration on this trailer is kinda horrible, but it looks like it’s gonna be an excellent movie. I love Edith Piaf, I’m so excited!!! It will be hard to wait until it comes out June 8th!!

7. Hell yeah! Ladies Love Cool J….and the earrings will be jingling soon!!! :)

8. What’s your sign? he,he,he…anyone else hear Streetfighter in the background…Oh shiattt!!!

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