Thursday, June 4, 2009

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April started with Saks/Sugar Publishing event, where I was happy to snag a Marc by Marc Jacobs tote and one of the very large Shepard Fairey designed Saks shopping bags.
Saks Shopping Bags Designed by Artist Shepard Fairey

Later that night Liz and I stopped by Le Cirque(The Brooklyn Circus) at Yoshi’s Fillmore, hung out with Cas and his friend from Steel Closet, and then danced the night away at Beauty Bar’s Life/Style. Went to 111 Minna for Jay Alexander’s birthday party to see Ryan and Dylan dj, no one asked me if I was a tranny that night thank god, cause that’s what some moron did two years ago at the same event! Later that night met up with Natalie and Lindsey at Bar 821 and then had a late night corned beef sandwich with Liz and Josh at Tommy’s Joynt.

“World Walking,” by William Kentridge

Checked out the William Kentridge exhibition at the MOMA, which I liked, was dark and charmingly grotesque. However, the Nick Cave exhibition the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts absolutely blew me away. It was colorful, textural, fun, and really just brilliant.

From Nick Cave's Meet Me at the Center of the Earth Exhibition (Mar 28 -
Sun, Jul 5 2009 YBCA Galleries)

Stacy’s birthday BBQ at the SF Skatepark was a blast, and included burgers, chorizo, and some drunken playground gallivanting. Lee, Dee and I had a dinner and theatre date, went to Cav for dinner, since Zuni was closed for remodeling :(, and then saw Wicked. For the majority of the month, I experienced a horrible intestinal bug, which I believe was healed by the probiotic properties of Dannon Activia yogurt. Hallelujah for that cause it was NOT a cool time!

May always signals the official start of birthday season for me, and the month got off to quite a spectacular start with its first birthday party being Jessica’s. The night included dressy pre-partying at the birthday girl’s house where we sipped on deliciously concocted Manhattans and Aviations. Dessert and champagne were had next at Bix, and drinks in the Russells Room at Bourbon and Branch followed making for an ingenuously fabulous night, and the perfect birthday party.

The following weekend Liz and I saw Hottub at Vessel, and checked out Amanda Lopez’s art show, where The Park put on a pretty impressive performance as well. The next day was Brandan’s birthday brunch at Dolores Park, it was a decadently fun time, this classy braud brought Jello-shots, a Brandan birthday tradition I’ve been doing for a couple years now. But Teddy’s homemade jumbo coconut shrimp were absolutely beautiful, and therefore stole the show; receiving an initial gasp and then clapping as he lifted away the lid of the serving tray. Alex’s homemade salt caramels were absolutely to die for and Dan’s scones, and Dee’s savory bread pudding were certainly hits as well.

Too Much Fun at Dolores Park – Eric spent at least 3 hours being pregnant that day!

At PST at 330 Ritch Liz provided Jesse Boykins III with his stunnas for the show, and I couldn’t stop singing Pantyhose. Oh, and by the way, one of my new obsessions is vintage dead stock pantyhose! Okay, so I digress a bit.

Jesse Boykins III – Pantyhose

Then, for Errico’s birthday we hung out with him and the boys at the house, eating tacos and shootin the shit with the A-town crew. That Friday was Adrian’s birthday party which started at Badlands, moved to Toad Hall, whose DJ was so on it that night, followed by late night Nizario’s (I actually brought my Escape from NY Pizza into Nizario's cause I like their crust better, but had Nizario’s Castro Special earlier that night for dinner). The following night went to Bootybassment with Jessica, slumbered partied with her, and then had to run through the Bay to Breakers to get Sunday brunch. We had a really nice lady date that afternoon, walking through downtown SF to Hog Island at the Ferry Building, where we had our own beer and oyster festival, since I didn’t make it out to the O’Reilly’s one that day. Sara’s birthday party at Buck Tavern was nice and chill, as was hanging out at the Forbidden Island (Alameda tiki bar) with Christle, Dee and Enrique.

The mixer at Foreign Cinema with the SF Chapter of Ladies Lotto was full of female bonding fun. Was great hanging out with Natalie of Ladies Lotto, Jenny of Acrimony and Terry of Evil Monito. Liz, Gabriella, Christle and I went to Beauty Bar after, and the next night went to Vessel again with the ladies (Liz, Gabriella, Katie, Lin Lin, Sarah) to see Jubilee spin at their happy hour, went to Osha for dinner, Rickshaw to catch her again, and ended the night with Hottub at the Uptown in Oaktown. Was a nice relaxing day catching up with Jesse and Sophie (foodie - writes The Supertaster) at the Ferry Building’s Farmer’s Market, and I’m really excited to try the Rancho Gordo yellow eye beans she gave me. I’m totally gonna cook them up with a with a ham hock. Mmmmmmm I can already taste it now!

On my mind this week:


I LOVE this 90210 intro!!!!


Speaking of 90210, my sister first showed me this video...HILARIOUS! BYEsies!!


I can’t wait for the show tomorrow night!!! :)


The company of wolves is best.


So simple, so perfect, so lovely. Refreshing to see true talent still exists out there in the world of new-ish music.

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