Monday, October 15, 2007

Thieves Like Us…October 15, 2007 - Mood: Curious

Being sick put a quick halt to the type of serial socializing I had been
doing the past few weeks. Was feeling all stir crazy; indoors, congested, and coughing for days on end, so when I started to get my sense of smell back, went to Lanesplitter and the Parkway with Sara, Jason, and Dee to see Fightclub. Later that week, ended up out with Julia, Trang, and Dee at Easy, then at Lucky Lounge in Lakeshore, and then did late night at La Pinata, again. Wellness saw me off to the Folsom Street Fair with Dee, Gerald, and Steven. Last week was a very intense and busy week, work was crazy and my Dad’s 60th birthday party planning took up any free time I had in between. The party itself was a definite success, a Chinese banquet with 50 birthday song party poppers, leis, gummy worms & Swedish fish goodie bags, and life-size sea creature toys. My Dad and the family had a blast, and I was happy that they had such a good time. This past week saw taco truck and brown bagging bonding with Danny and Liz. Worst part of the week was when I pulled a muscle in my shoulder while sleeping, so bending my neck and using my right arm was pretty much out of the question for a few days, but I'm bck to better now, think I was healed by the power of the homemade churro....Hallelujah!! I’m back.

On my mind this week:

1. Sorry to have missed Sophie’s back to School party. Lungs weren’t giving out hall passes that night. Homemade cookies, milk, cocktails…..wahhhh! :(

2. Tee and Dee think I’m gross cause I revealed my secret crush on Criss Angel to them…Yes, so I have a thing for magical wizards…used to have a thing for Houdini too when I was a kid…and yes, a magical wizard to pack my travel bags would work out nicely…


The pressure is on!! Eeeeeeeeeakkk, Halloween is only a couple weeks away!


This looks intense…Oh my god, I can hardly contain myself…hurry and come to SF!

Absolutely nothing contrived about this at all. Pure loving perfection, as sparkling and beautiful as the first time I heard it, twenty one years ago.


I’m a firm believer that things have feelings too…

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