Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Das Boots.....July 4, 2007 - Current Mood: Pink, Cream, & Cerulean

Lots of family related stuff going on the past couple weeks. One family bridal shower, father’s day breakfasts, brunches, birthdays and dinners, then hung out with my cousins and their baby. There was Lindsey’s birthday party then Melinda's house warming party – the place is cavernous, full of massive stained glass windows, and some even being rumored to have come from the Liberace estate…..It’s really very otherworldly, and it ate my car keys and made Tee and I completely lose track of time, the sober chatter going way into the wee, wee hours of the morning. Saw my hair stylist Edwin at Hermosa in Berkeley, then me, him, and Dee went to see Shrek III, which was very much on the cute side as expected. Puss n' Boots used to be my favorite, but I think Gingy has taken the cake….Stayed home this weekend to do my chores and rest up for the next month or so, which will be absolute mayhem, but of the most positive kind of course.

on my mind this week:

1. Where the hell am I gonna do my birthday party?!!!! Need a place on specified dates with no cover, not too bourgsie, with a dancefloor, good music, in a reasonably safe location, with enough space to accommodate the party…. So please any suggestions are very much appreciated!!!

2. I see a lot of interesting things on my commute. Lately I’ve been fascinated by the following:

The Skeleton Lady - You can tell she is a professional of some sort, I see her on my bus ride in walking up Sutter. Poor thing, she clearly has an eating disorder. Everytime I see her, it reminds me of why it is okay to eat and even justifies some of my overindulgent eating behaviors. Her skin looks like it sliding off her face and her body – it has nothing to hold onto. She wears white orthopedic sneakers and carries a Louis Vuitton Alma bag. I wonder what she eats for lunch. I wonder if she even eats lunch…

Highlighter Boy - Every morning he looks like he is on a scavenger hunt. It never fails; he fervently crosses off items on a notepad while walking up Sutter, and ALWAYS with a highlighter. Sometimes pink, sometimes yellow - guess it depends on his mood. The day he uses a black Sharpie, I’ll have the fear of God in me, or something like that.

3. This is why I need to take my ass dancing………

4. Gosh, I really miss my wifey Liz!!

5. I’ve had this terrible obsession with slutty 90’s pants for a while……

6. Oh snap, I forgot all about this until the other day...

Speaking of which, I got the most beautiful Coach boots on sale the other day ($400 off!!!)Couldn’t be happier about the start of my winter wardrobe!!! :):):)

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sofie king said...

I've missed reading your blogs my dear! Glad you're back.